Image to publish "The Art of Greg Horn"

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ORANGE, CA -- 25 May, 2004 -- Artist Greg Horn's work has graced countless comic book covers, billboards, magazine covers and advertising campaigns. Now Horn and Image Comics will treat fans and art lovers alike to an exhaustive hardcover retrospective, complete with step-by-step tutorial, and annotated comments from Horn.

THE ART OF GREG HORN measures 9" x 12" and clocks in at a hefty 144 pages. In addition to his work for Marvel Comics, the book will spotlight Horn's non-comics work, much of which may be unfamiliar to comic book fans.

"I think the big surprise of this book will be the stuff most fans don't even know I've done," says Horn. "I've been pretty fortunate the last two years and have my foot in three doors (please no third-leg jokes): That is, comics, video games, and advertising. Somehow, I got on a roll with Playstation, XBOX, and PCGAMER magazines and I have illustrated nearly 35 covers!"

THE ART OF GREG HORN hits stands in August, in two separate versions. In addition to the standard hardcover, there will be 1,500 limited signed and numbered editions available. Each page has been individually designed to compliment the artwork and most of the artwork will be annotated with editorial or creative comments

Horn will also take readers through a step-by-step tutorial on digital art.

"Half of my fan emails are questions about how i accomplish the art, so i made sure to get this in. There are also a few pages with side-by-side comparisons of pencils to final painted art," explains Horn.

According to Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen, Horn's book is just the tip of the iceberg for Image.

"This is the first of many art books to be forthcoming from Image Comics," says Larsen. "As many readers know, Image has long been associated with some of the most talented artists in the funnybook field. It only makes sense that we'd start putting together art books that showcase the fine work of these top talents."

Prior to the book's release, Horn plans to auction off five signed copies of the book on ebay, complete with personalized sketches decorating the inside front cover of the books.

"And by 'personalized,' I really mean it." says Horn. "Each auction winner will get to choose what character I sketch in the book!"

More information on THE ART OF GREG HORN can be found at Horn's newly updated website: www.greghornjudge.com.

THE ART OF GREG HORN is available for order in the June issue of Previews and is scheduled to go on sale August 4.

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