Image releases promo art for 'Devil's Due Mix-Tape' 2003

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ORANGE, CA -- 03 December, 2003 -- As Image Comics and Devil's Due Studios continue to firm up plans for a busy 2003, a special preview book is being released in March to give fans a glimpse of an assortment of projects before they hit the shelves this summer. Billed as the DEVIL'S DUE STUDIOS MIX-TAPE 2003, the 24-page color one-shot will feature first looks at a variety of new Devil's Due projects, including the all-new VOLTRON series, due out in May. And the best part? It's priced at only a buck!

"We started getting requests for sneak peeks at the artwork almost as soon as we announced that we'd be doing VOLTRON this year," said Devil's Due president, Josh Blaylock. "It was all we could do to keep it under wraps. Dan, Mike, Clint and Clayton are doing a bang up job, and this project is gonna friggin' rock! We also have a very, very exciting announcement about VOLTRON coming soon, so keep your ears to the ground for the next couple of weeks."

In addition to the VOLTRON preview, the DEVIL'S DUE STUDIOS MIX-TAPE 2003 will feature previews of upcoming G.I. JOE and MICRONAUTS projects, as well as features on the studio's first creator-owned work for Image: Blaylock's MISPLACED, Larry Hama and Pablo Raimondi's OXIDO, LOVEBUNNY AND MR. HELL and the soon-to-be-fantasy-hit, KORE.

"We're turning a lot of attention towards MICRONAUTS this year," Blaylock continued. "Issue eight starts off a huge storyline called 'Invasion,' written by Dan 'blowing-up-all-over-the-industry' Jolley and penciled by Steve 'doing-the-best-work-of-his-life' Kurth. Karza's invading Earth, the Micronauts are stuck being TINY, and things are gonna get messy!"

As for the other titles covered in the DEVIL'S DUE STUDIO MIX-TAPE 2002, Blaylock provided a brief overview for what the new year holds...

G.I. JOE and G.I. JOE FRONTLINE: Everyone knows about America's secret task force who defends the world from COBRA, an evil organization determined to rule the world, but things really kick into high gear in 2003. Tony Harris, Dan Jolley and Drew Johnson start their stint on G.I. JOE FRONTLINE, followed by an event to kick start to the production speed of the book in a big way. Most importantly, look for some MAJOR talent to be associated with G.I. JOE this year, the return of a MAJOR, yet controversial character, and perhaps even an issue without words...

[Voltron]VOLTRON: The return of everyone's favorite Voltron Force. A fresh start for the characters and the giant robotic lions. More info coming very, very soon.

[Misplaced]MISPLACED: No one in her world understood her, so she came to ours. That's the tag line that starts off Blaylock's regular pencilling debut from Image Comics, joined by Clint Hilinski and Clayton Brown. Alyssa is smarter, more creative and physically superior to everyone she knows - and is chastised for it every day. Welcome to Realm 77, a not-so-perfect Utopia where our heroine is constantly beaten down for questioning the status quo and held back from reaching her true potential. When a conspiracy unfolds and the authorities of Realm 77 order her death, she escapes to our world, settling in with punkers and slackers in the College town of Clifton. Just when all seems to be going well, though, Alyssa's old life comes back to haunt her as strange abilities begin to develop within her.

[Kore]KORE: Everyone has read stories about worlds with wizards, elves and trolls, but what if the magic on those worlds was suddenly all used up? That's the setting for Abaddon, the world Alexander Crane is thrown into when he meets a demon called the Mantikore. Now possessed and hideously transformed, this former Chicago museum worker is caught between an evil Wizard who wants his host demon's power and the citizens of Abaddon who need his protection.

"Imagine walking to your car one morning and finding a monstrous goblin inside," explained Blaylock. "You'd probably dirty your britches on the spot and head for the hills. All the goblin cares about, however, is hot-wiring your car, driving it through a portal to collect his check from the chop shop, and going home for a beer. That's the world of KORE."

[Oxido]OXIDO: Oxido was the most wanted criminal in the galaxy. When a squadron of Space-Marshalls transporting him to a far off prison are attacked, Oxido is killed, and only their amnesiac captain can save them. On top of that, they must get a very special boy by the name of Sid to safe harbor. The boy is wanted by Nu'l Angreth, a disgusting alien whose body is filled with pores that double as home to hundreds of worms and insects. The captain must help his crew accomplish their mission as pieces of his memory trickle back to him. Although what he remembers isn't anything he expected...

Speaking specifically about the new creator-owned titles, Blaylock said, "These books have been a long time in the making, and we're very serious about them. We're in this for the long haul, and we want these characters to be around years from now. Tim Seeley and I have racked our brains to really make KORE as unique as possible, and the same goes for MISPLACED. Both books are ongoing right off the bat."

Image Comics VP and Publisher Jim Valentino added, "Josh's track record on G.I. JOE, MICRONAUTS and G.I. FRONTLINE has been nothing short of fantastic -- the books come out on time, they frequently sell out and they just seem to get better all the time. We look forward to this next generation of books!"

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