Image Provides Retailers with Free Copies of "Strange Girl" #10

From Diamond Comics Distributors

In an innovative move to promote one of its most buzz-worthy new titles, Image Comics will ship Strange Girl #10 (JUN061684D) at no cost to all retailers who ordered it, with the book arriving in stores on September 6!

Additionally, Strange Girl #10 is the only book included in retailers' Image Advances packs this week, and retailers will not be charged for those packs as a result.

A supernatural adventure series, Strange Girl revolves around a young heroine left behind on Earth during the Rapture, forced to survive in a demon-run world with only her wits, magic skills and sidekick demon to aid her. If you've carried other books by Remender, including Fear Agent and Sea of Red, or other supernatural titles, you're sure to have equal success with Strange Girl in your store -- and with free copies of Strange Girl #10, there's no better time to try it than now!

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