Image & PCB Announce "Ascend: Special Edition"

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 21 July, 2005 -- Image Comics and PCB Productions announced the upcoming release of the ASCEND: SPECIAL EDITION, scheduled to hit bookshelves September 2005. The new hardback extended version of the novel features behind the scenes author notes and script breakdowns from creator Keith Arem, repainted panels and text imaging, as well as over 60 new pages from renowned artist Christopher Shy; including an extended prologue and alternate ending.

Since the sold out release of ASCEND this past February, the graphic novel has also attracted video game and film interest outside of the comics industry. "ASCEND has opened so many new opportunities for us," says writer/creator Keith Arem. "Christopher and I have been developing several new projects for film and games this year; and we're excited to revisit the world of ASCEND with this Special Edition for the fans."

ASCEND, the first graphic novel from Keith Arem, is set in a time of post-apocalyptic heaven, where the battle for human souls will determine the outcome of a war with Hell. The Purgatory Wars have destroyed the universe, and to sustain their armies, Heaven must "harvest" souls from earth to fight in their battle. A rogue Angel, in an attempt to stem the tide of battle, begins harvesting living human souls for his own legion. He and his two sibling angels are exiled from Heaven, where their new struggle begins on Earth. The novel includes the introduction of the central character, Sebastian, as a human, and his follows his recruitment into the Angelic Wars.

Image Comics will release the book to stores in September 2005; ASCEND: SPECIAL EDITION will be available through online retailers, as well as through retail and comic book shops. The new trailer and official fan website can be found online at www.preparetoascend.com

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