Image & Kirkman Tease Death In "Invincible" #100

Robert Kirkman's Image Comics series "The Walking Dead" may have captured the top spot in last month's Direct Market sales rankings with its 100th issue, but it appears the writer is far from done making an overall anniversary splash.

This January, Kirkman's ongoing superhero serial "Invincible" is expected to drop its own #100, and as an early teaser to what's in store, Image today released the following:

While the series - created with Cory Walker and drawn by Ryan Ottley - is no stranger to bloody, even gory battles, outright death doesn't happen often in "Invincible." The ultra-powerful nature of the lead and his supporting cast usually allow Kirkman and company to riff on the morays of superhero comics without the kind of loss and resurrection seen at Marvel and DC.

However in recent interviews, the writer has been promising some big shifts for the centennial milestone. "'Invincible' is a book where there's always a lot going on. Right now in the book, there's more going on than there usually is, which is really exciting to me," he told CBR News earlier this year. "The Viltrumites are going to be part of the overall storyline in 'Invincible' for the foreseeable future, but I think that what's happening in 'Invincible' #100 will somehow be bigger than just that storyline. It'll be somewhat related, but it won't be just about the Viltrumites. Issue #75 was all about the Viltrumites, and while they're still a huge part of the book, we're focusing on other areas moving forward. There's some pretty amazing stuff coming out of issue #100."

Whether that amazing stuff involves a death for Mark Grayson himself, who's been largely out of costume in recent months as a new face takes the Invincible manner, has yet to be seen.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on "Invincible" #100 with Kirkman and more.

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