Image Introduces... Crytopia, Dog Soldiers and Rex Mundi

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 17 January, 2002 -- Image Comics continues to firm up plansfor the next salvo of stories featured in Image Introduces... Each issue ofthe bimonthly series features all-new characters and concepts in afull-length, self-contained story, plus a five-page preview of the nextissue's main feature. The next three issues are currently set to featureCryptopia, Dog Soldiers and Rex Mundi.

[Cryptopia]Cryptopia is the story of Dr. Shannon Palmer -- a cryptozoologist whoseinsatiable quest for hidden species jeopardizes her work, her colleagues,and the last remaining vestiges of her self-respect. It's a high-adventureparable about the fine line dividing Man and Beast -- the dark parallelsbetween us and the creatures with which we share our world -- and the tragicrealization that all that really sets us apart from the animal kingdom are apair of opposable thumbs. Crytopia is written by Ben Raab and features artby Pat Quinn, John Lowe and Mostafa Moussa. Image Introduces...Cryptopiaships in April 2002.

[Dog Soldiers]Dog Soldiers focuses on a top Navy SEAL who reluctantly leads an all-newteam of bio-engineered combat soldiers on their first (and what is hoped bythe Pentagon to be their last) mission, only to find himself championingtheir cause to be treated as equal human beings. Dog Soldiers is written byRob Hunter, penciled by Pete Pachoumis and inked by Luke Rizzo. ImageIntroduces...Dog Soldiers ships in June 2002.

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