Image gets criminal with 'Sammy'

[Sammy]Just 5 years ago crime comics were somewhat of a rarity, whereas today they're growing in popularity and prominence. Image Comics has the noirish "Hawaiian Dick" coming in December and today announced another crime inspired offering filled with offbeat humor and urban mythology, called "Sammy: Tourist Trap," a four-issue mini-series coming February, 2003.

According to Image, "'Sammy: Tourist Trap' tells the unlikely tale of one of the world's best cat burglars -- who also happens to be one of the unluckiest people alive. His only saving grace is his 'sidekick,' Lucky, an oddly over-protective black cat who appears to have turned Sammy's misfortunes around...sort of. Barely two weeks out of jail, Sammy breaks his parole to take a gig in sunny Acapulco. The heist was a success, and he got away squeaky clean. All that was left was to get paid, but with Sammy its never quite that simple. Especially when the job was for one Jesus Vega, an Aztec artifact aficionado known to welshing on his deals. Sammy and Lucky rendezvous with Maria, Jesus' sister, to collect their money, but it turns out the alluring Ms. Vega has other plans."

[Sammy]The creative duties on "Sammy" will be handled by newcomer Azad. In addition to Azad's unique take on the crime genre, Azad is also a fan done good. Azad has been a regular on the Image Comics message boards and is the first community member of that forum to have a proposal accepted by Image.

"What we saw in 'Sammy: Tourist Trap' was a good solid story, excellent storytelling and draftsmanship -- all the ingredients I look for in new talent," Image VP and Publisher Jim Valentino said in a press release. "This is the kind of comic I enjoy reading on a personal level, and I can't wait to see what happens next."

[Sammy]"'Tourist Trap' came from my love of crime stories and especially of urban legends," Azad said in the release. "I have, for as long as I can remember, been fascinated by those 'strange but true' stories everyone's heard through the grapevine (The couple at Lovers Point that was murdered by a man with a hook hand, the abandoned dog who walks 2000 miles across the country and finds its way back home, alligators in the sewers, etc.). I wanted to take the spirit of that kind of stories and try to craft something fun, strange and totally plausible all at the same time."

For those interested in getting a further look at "Sammy: Tourist Trap" on November 18th Image will offer a six-page "Sammy" prologue available only on their Web site, followed by a five-page preview of "Sammy" #1 a week later.

"Sammy: Tourist Trap" #1 will be available for pre-order in the December issue of Diamond Previews and will hit stores February, 2002.

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