IMAGE EXPO: Stewart, Fletcher & Tarr Announce Sci-Fi Action Series "Motor Crush"

As part of Image Comics' 2016 Image Expo, the former "Batgirl" creative team of co-writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher and artist Babs Tarr revealed their follow-up to their acclaimed run on the DC Comics series. The trio will launch "Motor Crush" at Image Comics.

Stewart described "Motor Crush" as a "science fiction action series" about a young girl named Domino Swift. "By night she fights in illegal bike races," Stewart said, which are "half-race, half gladiatorial brawls."

Along with art, Tarr is also co-writing "Motor Crush" with Fletcher and Stewart. Fletcher said that this is the team's chance to "cut loose." "This is going to be our team, kind of uncensored," he said. Stewart said this book is "skewing a little bit older" than "Batgirl." "It's based on an old concept that Brenden had years ago that was originally going to be a children's television series, but we decided to go a little bit older."

"I am so excited, because I can go crazy with the fashions," Tarr said. "Burnside was sort of one-note, very hipster-y. Each gang will have their own style. Like 'The Warriors,' but amplified to the 10th degree." Stewart and Fletcher named "FLCL" and "Akira" as further visual comparisons. "Motor Crush" is eyed for a December debut. "The three of us writing together, I'm doing storyboards, Babs is doing final artwork and color," Stewart said.

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