IMAGE EXPO PREVIEWS: Spring Starts With New Series By Ellis, Shalvey, McFarlane & More

As part of their first slate of announcements from this year's Image Expo, Image Comics revealed a number of new projects and previews for books set to ship as the spring of 2015 gets underway. The series include new projects from Todd McFarlane and his longtime collaborators, writers like Brian Wood and Alex De Campi and a brand-new anthology series assembled by "Prophet" writer Brandon Graham.

Arriving in April will be "Savior" by McFarlane, Brian Holguin and Clayton Crain. This is likely the new series the image co-founder has been teasing on social media over the past week as one that has multiple issues completed and ready to publish. Image released a full preview of the series:

Also that month comes "No Mercy" - a new series from "Smoke" writer Alex De Campi" and "Finder" artist Carla Speed McNeil with Jenn Manley Lee. The sci-fi YA series included a first look at the $2.99 book's first issue:

Rounding out April is "RunLoveKill" by animation industry talent Eric Canete with Jonathan Tsuei, Leonardo Olea and Manu Fernández. The space prison romance epic had these pages to share:

On the heels of those books comes a slate of new books in May including the previously announced "Injection" by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire along with the lettering team Fonografiks. Image shared the first look at interior pages from the book:

Also in May comes "Starve," a new series by Brian Wood and Danijel Zezelj with this first look:

In June comes an anthology called "Island," led by "Prophet" cartoonist Brandon Graham. It will include a wide range of artists like Farel Dalrymple, Emma Ríos, Simon Roy, Michael DeForge, Ludroe, E.K. Weaver, Johnnie Christmas, Fil Barlow and others. Teaser images and a first cover were shared:

Entertainment Weekly debuted the first look at Skottie Young's "I Hate Fairyland," described by the cartoonist as what happens to an Alice in Wonderland-type of character who has stuck in a storybook reality for 30 years, but still looks like an 8 year old.

"8house," a shared universe created by Brandon Graham and featuring stories from a diverse array of talent, was announced at the last Image Expo and the publisher has released a preview of "8house: Arclight" by Graham and Marian Churchland.

Chip Zdarsky announced "Kaptara" during the keynote address, a sci-fi comedy that allows him to go as crazy as he desires alongside artist Kagan McLeod.

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