IMAGE EXPO: McFarlane Promises Eisner-Winning "Spawn" Writer

In advance of tomorrow's Image Expo event, Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane continued to beat the drum for his signature series "Spawn" by declaring that he's signed an Eisner Award-winning writer to helm the series.

"You heard it here, first," McFarlane wrote on Facebook, while sharing Jock's much circulated variant cover for "Spawn" #250. "I'm confirming today that I am adding a NEW writer (one that I had hoped to have had earlier...but commitments didn't allow him to make the jump quite then) to the NEW Spawn creative team. He's a writer that has worked for Marvel and DC Comics but I can't tell you who he is....YET."

The tease follows last week's word that the creator would be launching a new series at Image of which eight issues are already completed. "Spawn" #250 also marks a turning point for the series as it will be followed by a "Spawn Resurrection" one-shot before the ongoing spins in a new direction with #251. Initially, writer Brian Wood was tapped to write the book, but he was removed last month after editorial disagreements.

As for the new writer, a scribe who's won an Eisner and also worked for Marvel and DC opens up a wide field. That description matches everyone from Ed Brubaker (somewhat unlikely) to Gilbert Hernandez (very unlikely) to Neil Gaiman (literally impossible).

CBR will be on hand in the Bay Area for Image Expo live tomorrow, so tune in then to find the answer.

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