IMAGE EXPO: Howard Chaykin's "The Divided States of Hysteria" to Explore Nukes & Romance

At Image Comics' 2016 expo, Howard Chaykin revealed his upcoming book at the indie publisher, titled "The Divided States of Hysteria," which is inspired by his fear of a "world-changing event," spurred by nuclear warfare.

The book follows an "up and coming" Central Intelligence officer who "fucks up royally," when it comes to predicting a major attack. The tagline seen on the screen indicates that the character is assisted by "four serial murderers."

"If we identify people as villains in our head, we succumb to an idea I think is fraudulent," Chaykin remarked. The veteran creator will be writing and drawing the series, with colorist Jesus Aburtov and letterer Ken Bruzenak.

"And there's a love story that I'm not going to go into," Chaykin said. "There's a romantic component that will emerge."

You can follow all of Image's announcements as well as publisher Eric Stephenson's keynote address right here on CBR.

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