IMAGE EXPO: Harris & Hutchison Get Ready to Rock 'n' Roll in New "Rockstars" Series

At ImageExpo 2016, Joe Harris introduced his new "Rockstars" title, which will be drawn by "really talented new artist" Megan Hutchison.

Unlike much of his recent work, the series won't be a dystopian story. "It's essentially a rock-and-roll thriller set against a magical backdrop," he explained, adding that it will read like "'Almost Famous' meets 'Supernatural'" as the protagonist investigates rock and roll mythology.

"It's a story I've wanted to tell since I was a little kid," Harris said. "The majesty of rock and roll, particularly it's '70s heyday, is which this series is going to take its root. The plan is for each story arc to center on a different era of rock history, from British Invasion to '80s metal."

"Rockstars" is slated to debut in the fall. Read a preview right now on CBR.

Rockstars by @joeharris, artist @blackem_art, colors by @wastedwings "Almost Famous meets Supernatural" #IMAGEEXPO pic.twitter.com/BuqeNVmveB

- Emerald City Comicon (@emeraldcitycon) April 6, 2016

You can follow all of Image's announcements as well as publisher Eric Stephenson's keynote address right here on CBR.

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