IMAGE EXPO: Fletcher & Kerschl Re-Teaming for Miyazaki-Inspired Series, "Isola: Island of the Dead"

At Image Comics' 2016 expo, writer Brendan Fletcher and artist Karl Kerschl took the stage to announce their re-teaming on a book called "Isola" which Kerschl says is a culmination of "everything they've been working on for the last 16 years."

On their collaboration, Fletcher said, "It really means everything to us as professional peers and as friends. It's a project that has a tone that we've always wanted to capture." Kerschl named Miyazaki films and "Elfquest" as inspirations. "It's tough to work that stuff into the mainstream comics work I've been doing."

According to their description at the panel, "Isola" follows the titular mythical island, and centers on two women -- one who has been transformed into a tiger -- and their search for Isola, to return her to human form.

"What we're really telling is the story of these two women, and the love they have for each other, and their journey to find this island," Fletcher said. Though the book will have action, Fletcher noted, "It's a gentle story. It's a fantasy world. It's about two women trying to relate to each other."

While Kerschl said he's already working on the series, it won't hit stands until spring 2017. "But you will see it turning up before then, in another publication I may have something to do with," Fletcher hinted.

Isola: Island of the Dead, the gentle, ponderous new comic from @brendenfletcher & @karlkerschl #IMAGEEXPO pic.twitter.com/U7O66K2swD

- Emerald City Comicon (@emeraldcitycon) April 6, 2016

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