IMAGE EXPO: Fairbairn & Smith Launch a Crusade with New "Lake of Fire" Title

Colorist Nathan Fairbairn announced he is transitioning from art to writing for "Lake of Fire" at ImageExpo 2016. Alongside "Barbarian Lord" artist Matt Smith, he will tell the tale of Crusaders who encounter something truly extraordinary.

Set for release in July, "Lake of Fire" will take place during the Crusades. "It follows a small group of Crusaders, as an alien spacecraft crash-lands in the French Pyrenees," Fairbairn explained.

When he started developing the idea for "Lake of Fire" a few years ago, Fairbairn first approached artists he works with regularly, like Yanick Paquette and Chris Burnham. "Turns out, they wanted to work with Grant Morrison," Fairbairn joked. However, he said he and Smith are definitely a "two-man band," as they are working on all aspects of the book together.

@nathanfairbairn announces Lake of Fire .@cosplynocosply .@ImageComics #IMAGEEXPO #ECCC2016 #ECCC pic.twitter.com/HXVgNErNmh

- TFNerds (@TFNerds) April 6, 2016

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