IMAGE EXPO: del Duca & Seaton Travel "Afar" in New Fantasy/Sci-Fi Adventure Series

At ImageExpo 2016, Leila del Duca and Kit Seaton announced their new Image Comics series "Afar," a fantasy/science-fiction adventure that will take place all across the galaxy.

"[The characters of 'Afar'] have to flee across the desert and find a new life in a bustling metropolis," Del Duca told attendees. "They live on a desert wasteland, but it also takes place on a bunch of different planets -- aquatic planets, other desert planets. Earth is even in there, for a panel."

"I'd say it's more fantasy than sci-fi, it's not based on any science truth," she added. "I wanted to write a book for Kit [Seaton] that took me back to my own childhood."

Read a preview right now on CBR.

Leila del Duca talks forthcoming OGN called AFAR #IMAGEEXPO pic.twitter.com/AlilzmJFKV

- Image Comics (@ImageComics) April 6, 2016

You can follow all of Image's announcements as well as publisher Eric Stephenson's keynote address right here on CBR.

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