IMAGE EXPO: Brubaker & Phillips Must "Kill or Be Killed" in New Series

Following the conclusion of their acclaimed limited series "The Fade Out," Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips will collaborate on a new ongoing series titled "Kill or Be Killed."

At ImageExpo 2016, Brubaker called the series a tricky collaboration for him and Phillips, in that it has "a main character you can root for -- assuming you like to root for someone who is forced to murder people."

"Everything this guy does caused a ripple that we get to explore further and further out," he continued. "It's almost a soap opera about murder."

He added that it was their take on a vigilante story and compared it to both "Death Wish" and early 1970s Spider-Man comics.

"I kind of missed the serialized nature of monthly comics," Brubaker said. "There was something about it that really taps into my own personal anger about how fucked up the world is right now. I wanted to do a story about a person who is aggressively angry about the world."

Of his protagonist, who is in his 20s, Brubaker explained, "I wanted to tap into that generational anger. People are fucking pissed right now."

He praised the work of colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser, saying "I think she's one of the two or three best colorists in comics. She jumped on to help us with 'Fatale,' and almost immediately meshed with Sean. We basically said, 'Be our colorist forever.' She's pretty much a full-time member of our team now."

New from @brubaker @seanpphillips: "if you had to murder someone every month... Who would you kill?" #IMAGEEXPO pic.twitter.com/5TiFlKhHUH

- Emerald City Comicon (@emeraldcitycon) April 6, 2016

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