IMAGE EXPO: Brandon & Latour Dissect Art In "Black Cloud"

As part of Image Comics' 2016 Image Expo, co-writers Ivan Brandon and Jason Latour took the stage to introduce a new series they will writer together -- "Black Cloud." The series will feature art from Greg Hinkle and colors by Matt Wilson.

"Essentially, the elevator pitch for this one is, something along the lines of 'Jessica Jones meets Roger Rabbit,'" Latour said of the series, before speaking of his longtime friendship with Brandon. Latour said "Black Cloud" "completely embraces what it's like to work in art and work on art... It's a story about a deposed rebel leader," continued Latour. "She comes from a world where imagination is literal."

"My crappy analogy is sort of a sword and the stone story, where the person is supposed to take the sword and doesn't really feel like it," Brandon added.

"It's sort of a story about the ills and benefits of collaboration, telling stories," Latour said. "In that regard, we're co-writing it, and working with Greg Hinkle and Matt Wilson, who are both tremendous artists."

#IMAGEEXPO Ivan Brandon & Jason Latour talk (and joke) on stage about their new series BLACK CLOUD! pic.twitter.com/lsyjElux1s

- Image Comics (@ImageComics) April 6, 2016

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