IMAGE EXPO: Berger, Kenney & Watkiss Fight Killer Diseases In "Surgeon X"

During Image Comics' 2016 Image Expo, former Vertigo executive editor Karen Berger joined documentary producer Sara Kenney onstage to discuss a new series -- "Surgeon X."

"I always knew I'd be back in comics," said Berger, who stepped down as Vertigo's executive editor in December 2012. "Surgeon X" marks her return to comics as an editor. Berger described "Surgeon X," saying it's about a "daring and subversive surgeon who risks her life to saves others" -- and also endangers her own morality in the process. The series' tagline says that the "world on the brink of medical collapse."

Kenney told the crowd that her story is inspired by the potential threat of "killer diseases" coming back with vengeance, like tuberculosis and cholera. She added that lead character Rosa Scott's worst enemy is herself. "As her moral compass spins out of control, she makes decisions about who lives and who dies," Kenney said.

John Watkiss, a Vertigo veteran, will illustrate "Surgeon X." "Early in his career, he was a teacher of anatomy in London," Berger said of Watkiss. "Who better to draw this story than someone who knows the human body quite well?" James Devlin is the colorist of "Surgeon X," and Jared K. Fletcher is the letter.

Berger said that Kenney, "really did her homework, to create this very believable, and very possible world, that could happen in 20 years."  Berger said that Kenney has ideas to "expand the story world" of "Surgeon X" beyond this series, but declined to elaborate further.

Surgeon X written by Sara Kenney @WowbaggerUK: "the old killer diseases are coming back with a vengeance" #IMAGEEXPO pic.twitter.com/nsmR53HvV7

- Emerald City Comicon (@emeraldcitycon) April 6, 2016

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