Image Expo Adds Ed Brubaker Ahead of "Criminal's" Tenth Anniversary

Weeks out from its latest Image Expo event, Image Comics sent out word that they'll be bringing out a creator with a particular hole in his schedule right now: writer Ed Brubaker.

This year's spotlight event for the creator-owned powerhouse will take place on April 6 in Seattle ahead of ReedPOP's Emerald City Comicon. The timing is fortuitous for Brubaker, who in the midst of a five-year exclusive contract with the publisher just recently released the final issue of he and collaborator Sean Phillips' latest long-form work, the Golden Age of Hollywood thriller "The Fade Out." As for new projects, the only thing Brubaker has on the horizon is a one-shot with Phillips celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their expansive series "Criminal" (see a preview of the issue here).

Judging on Image Expo's past, a new series (or two...or six) from Brubaker is almost a certainty at the event. The writer will be appearing alongside fellow creators including Joe Harris, Rick Remender and Jonathan Hickman.

Stay tuned for more on the event as it becomes available here on CBR.

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