Image & Dynamic Forces wave "American Flagg!" in November

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For years, fans have been clamoring for new editions of Howard Chaykin'slegendary AMERICAN FLAGG! series. In response to this demand, DynamicForces, Inc and Image Comics have teamed up to present one of the mostanticipated collections in recent years.

This November, Image and Dynamic Forces will present two simultaneouslyreleased AMERICAN FLAGG! trade paperbacks, collecting the first twelveissues of Howard Chaykin's watershed creation. At the same time, for thediscriminating collectors, there will be a single deluxe hardcover edition.

The first trade paperback collects issues 1 through 6 of the original series(including the complete stories "Hard Times" and "Southern Comfort"). Thesecond features issues 7 through 12 ("State of the Union" and "Solidarity -- For Now"). The first volume also includes a nine-page prelude written andillustrated by Chaykin that was never printed in the original comic.

Dynamic Forces' 376-page hardcover edition will contain all of the materialin the two trades, as well as additional cover paintings and promotionalpieces by Chaykin, a Michael Chabon introduction, a special dust jacketdesigned by Chip Kidd, an afterword by Jim Lee and, as a special bonus, abrand-new 12 page American Flagg! story written and illustrated by HowardChaykin exclusively for this edition. And for the true connoisseur, therewill also be a signed edition available signed by the man himself, HowardChaykin!

"Working with Nick and the terrific staff at Dynamic, and with Erik and hiswonderful crew at Image has been a great experience for me. I'm delightedwith the prospect of American Flagg! coming back under these two sensationalimprints. Thanks, guys!" states series creator Howard Chaykin.

"Howard and I have been close friends for years, but have never workedtogether on a project of this scale, and scope. American Flagg! is one ofthe definitive works of graphic literature of not only the '80s, but of anydecade. To be part of the process that will put this masterpiece into thehands and onto the shelves of fans both old and new, is truly an honor.Having read this in my early days as a comics fan, it will be wonderful tosee both new fans and old, reading one of Howard's best works!" says NickBarrucci

As a fan of the original series, Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen isespecially enthused about the project.

"Lord knows the guy has produced an impressive body of work post-Flagg!, butAmerican Flagg!, for a LOT of us, stands out as Howard Chaykin's signaturebook," notes Larsen. "The book that raised the bar, set the standard, andshowed the world what a talented son of a bitch he is."

"The book, the world, and its entire cast were unlike anything that hadpreceded it," he adds. "Chaykin's innovations sent a shockwave through theindustry. Nobody, prior to Chaykin, had so successfully combinedillustrations and sound effects. Nobody had integrated rock & roll riffs andrhythms into a comic book. Nobody approached the page with such a sense ofdesign or wrote stories that were so sophisticated, complex, compelling, andreal. Chaykin's outstanding use of duo-shade not only gave American Flagg! alook all its own but made other books look flat and dull in comparison. Andthe women -- oh my."

Originally published in the early eighties, AMERICAN FLAGG! tells the storyof Ranger Rueben Flagg as he navigates an American landscape that, inretrospect, feels more prophetic with each passing year. The winner ofnumerous industry awards, including nine Eagle Awards, AMERICAN FLAGG! isset in 2031, in a world ravaged by nuclear conflict, environmentaldisasters, and nationalism that had driven the United States government -and the corporations that owned it - to the relative safety of the planetMars. The government and the corporations, now renamed the Plex, govern froma distance, relying on the Plexus Rangers to maintain any semblance of lawand order.

Once the star of a television series dramatizing the fictional adventures ofone such Ranger, Flagg was replaced by a hologram, and then drafted into thereal Rangers, where he was assigned to protect the city of Chicago. Alongwith Raul, the smartest talking cat alive, and Luther Ironheart, thestupidest robot ever, and surrounded by a bevy of the most beautiful womenof the 21st century, Flagg faces an uphill battle protecting and defendingthe American way of life -- or rather, what's left of it.

All three books, plus the signed Hard Cover Edition, will be available forpreorder in the upcoming September issue of Previews and will go on sale inNovember.

For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art,exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases, please visit the DynamicForces website at www.dynamicforces.com.

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