Image & Dynamic Forces Present "Hellshock: The Definitive Edition"

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 23 May, 2005 -- For years, HELLSHOCK, the first creator-owned project from superstar Jae Lee and one of the most popular and highly acclaimed comic-book projects of the nineties, has remained unfinished.

Now, Dynamic Forces and Image Comics are proud to announce that this great unfinished series will finally be completed -- and collected for the first time -- in one volume: HELLSHOCK: THE DEFINITIVE EDITION!

This 144-page trade paperback edition, will reprint issues 1-3 of the original HELLSHOCK, by Jae Lee and color artists June Chung and Jose Villarrubia. In addition, this volume will include a brand-new twenty-two page CONCLUSION by Lee! Also included are another twenty-two pages of original unpublished material: the alternate beginning to HELLSHOCK!

HELLSHOCK: THE DEFINITIVE EDITION will also include a new introduction by comics great Jim Lee (Batman; X-Men; WildC.A.T.s), a cover gallery, unpublished sketches and art, and a new afterword by Jae Lee describing the creative process that led to HELLSHOCK. The trade paperback will retail for just $19.99

HELLSHOCK creator Jae Lee is elated to finally have the book completed and in one place.

"HELLSHOCK is my baby. I've been nurturing it all these years," says Jae Lee. "And now it's finally ready."

Dynamic Forces president Nick Barrucci is proud to have helped bring HELLSHOCK back to comic-reading audiences.

"Jae is not only a top talent in this business, but he's also a close personal friend," says Barrucci. "Working with him on this project, and presenting a completed HELLSHOCK to the fans has been a truly rewarding experience."

For the discerning collector, DF and Image are presenting a hardbound edition of the HELLSHOCK: THE DEFINITIVE EDITION. Featuring all the great story and extras from the regular edition, this limited-run hardcover collection will feature a foil-stamped logo under a perfect-hardcover binding, and will instantly become the pride of your library, all for just $49.99.

Also available is a signed and re-marked edition with an original HAND-DRAWN HELLSHOCK SKETCH. This special volume will retail for $149.95.

HELLSHOCK tells the saga of an enigmatic stranger who believes himself to be an angelic presence not of this earth, gifted with the powers of GOD. In the confines of a psychiatric hospital, he reveals himself to a suicidal young woman. Is she being seduced into a cult -- or is she bearing witness to a miracle?

HELLSHOCK: THE DEFINITIVE EDITION is solicited in the May 2005 issue of Diamond PREVIEWS, and will be in stores July 27.

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