Image debuts all-new 'Sammy' one-shot this May

Official Press Release

Orange, CA -- Fans of comicdom's unluckiest thief will be thrilled to learn that Image Comics is publishing the follow-up to the cult hit SAMMY: TOURIST TRAP by writer/artist Azad. A VERY SAMMY DAY is the 48-page "origin issue" that chronicles a defining day in the life of ne'er-do-well Samuel Little and his feline sidekick, Lucky.

"At its heart, A VERY SAMMY DAY is a good, old-fashioned revenge story," says Azad. "Sammy is trying to put his life back together after turning his back on his old crew, but associates from his past catch up with him and put him through the ringer."

In the Image tradition of adventurous, creator-driven format changes, A VERY SAMMY DAY will sport a unique look. "Because this comic introduces the origin of the character, I wanted to give A VERY SAMMY DAY a somewhat more nostalgic feel, so I went with sepia ink instead of black," explains Azad. "Sepia is that golden brown you see in old photographs at the turn of the century. It'll definitely have fans doing a double take."

"Azad's done a really fantastic job with his latest SAMMY story," said Image Comics' Managing Editor, Eric Stephenson. "The first SAMMY miniseries was really an overlooked gem -- it was funny and well-drawn and had a unique sensibility that set it apart from everything else on the rack -- and this one's even better."

Reviews for the first miniseries, the four-issue SAMMY: TOURIST TRAP, were incredibly favorable, with The Fourth Rail's Randy Lander noting, "There's no denying that Azad has a captivating style, both in terms of artwork and characterization," and Augie De Blieck of Comic Book Resources' Pipeline stating the book had "all the charm and capitvating quirkiness" readers could expect from a comic book today.

In addition to A VERY SAMMY DAY, March will finally see the launch of the long-rumored online Sammy serial, "Subway Stories," on imagecomics.com, guerrilla-comics.com and a few other select sites.

"I have been previewing printouts of "Subway Stories" at conventions for the past year, I've received a fantastic amount of positive feedback from fans. Going online was a no-brainer after the success of the online shorts I posted on the Web ("A Very Sammy Valentine" and the SAMMY: TOURIST TRAP Prologue). Hundreds of hits a day can't be wrong!"

As for the future of Sammy, Azad had this to add: "I just saw some stills from a two-minute 3D animated Sammy cartoon I have someone working on for broadcast. It's gonna knock yer socks off!"

A VERY SAMMY DAY (MAR04 1416), a 48-page one-shot with a cover price of $5.95, is due in stores May 26. A five-page preview is currently online at www.imagecomics.com.

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