Image Comics to publish "Syphons" graphic novel this September

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 24 May, 2004 -- Image Comics has announced plans to publish Allen Curtis and Mark Beachum's SYPHONS Graphic Novel, an updated look at the superhero genre, originally produced by Now Comics in the early nineties. SYPHONS is a mature science-fiction thriller about four young adults who accidentally acquire intergalactic "siphoning" powers and are burdened with the task of protecting Earth from an alien race hell-bent on destruction.

According to editor Tony C. Caputo, SYPHONS was one of the two original color NOW Comics in 1986, and was resurrected in 1993 with creator Allen Curtis writing the book, and Mark Beachum handling the art. Produced from a set of recently uncovered original films of the long lost artwork, the SYPHONS Graphic Novel was originally scheduled to be published by NOW Comics 3.0 this month.

"I'm thrilled to have Image Comics publish Syphons," says Caputo, the President of NOW Comics. "This will expose Allen and Mark's work to so many more relevant readers. I was always fond of the story, and I believe it's an exceptional project, now in the hands of an exceptional publisher!"

Image Comics publisher Erik Larsen is excited to provide a new home for the book.

"I bought Syphons in its original comic book form years ago and I was floored by it. It's incredibly gorgeous stuff. Mark Beachum is clearly influenced by Bill Sienkiewicz but takes that to another level," says the oft-quoted publisher. "When I heard that Tony Caputo wanted to get this material back into print I contacted him about publishing it. It's like an art book in comic book form. Aspiring artists should have copies of this on hand. It's amazing stuff."

The 96-page book features a brand new wraparound cover by artist Mark Beachum. For more information on SYPHONS, see the Now Comics website at www.nowcomics.com.

SYPHONS is recommended for mature readers, and will be solicited in the July PREVIEWS, for a September release.

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