Look Back: Image Headed Into the Future for a Month!

This is "Look Back," a brand-new feature that I plan to do for at least all of 2019 and possibly beyond that (and possibly forget about in a week, who knows?). The concept is that every week (I'll probably be skipping the four fifth weeks in the year, but maybe not) of a month, I will spotlight a single issue of a comic book that came out in the past and talk about that issue in terms of a larger scale (like the series overall, etc.). Each week will be a look at a comic book from a different year that came out the same month X amount of years ago. The first week of the month looks at a book that came out this month ten years ago. The second week looks at a book that came out this month 25 years ago. The third week looks at a book that came out this month 50 years ago. The fourth week looks at a book that came out this month 75 years ago.

Today, we look at Image Comics' "Legends of Tomorrow" publishing event from March 1994.

The concept of the event was a simple one. Any Image Studio that wanted to participate would do a 25th issue for a series that was then only in single digits and then the idea would be to tie that 25th issue in so that it felt as if it was a regular issue of the series once the series caught up to it.

Sadly, in the cases of Bloodstrike and Brigade, both of those books were canceled BEFORE they reached #25, so there was never a chance to catch up (and honestly, it really didn't seem like it was going to happen anyways either way)...

In the case of Supreme #25 (check out that Stephen Platt cover! Wow!)....

The book eventually did catch up, but it was handled in a sort of "Hey, we all know this isn't going to actually match up, so let's just sort of hang a lantern on it and then move past it," which was a fair enough solution for the situation that they were in.

That left us with the one book that really DID tie-in perfectly, which was Stormwatch #25, which involved some rather dramatic revelations...

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