Image Comics Solicitations for product shipping November, 2001

AGENCY #4 (of 6)

Top Cow Comics

(W) Paul Jenkins, (P/I) Kyle Hotz, (C)Matt Nelson

God's Man delivers a message to his would-be captors in the form of a deep-rooted subliminal computer program that's now buried inside Virtual's mind. The Agency must follow the killer's own clues to his capture, risking death and destruction at the hands of this maniac. Also, meet Virtual Jonez' dark secret: a very special member of the Agency, Mindi Butterscotch -- half computer program, half-baked, and not entirely a person.

FC 32pp $2.95

In stores the week of November 7th.


(W) Brian Holguin (a) David Yardin & Roy Martinez

Mortality is the price of a soul...

In a final showdown, Kildare challenges Goodfellow for possession of the soul of her former lover. Just how far is Kildare willing to bargain to set his spirit to rest? Meanwhile, a young girl called Sarah has unleashed the Dread Vengeance of the Three Sisters, a vengeance that may claim the lives of both Kildare and Goodfellow. Don't miss the stunning conclusion to the ARIA: THE SOUL MARKET.

FC 32pp $2.95


(W/P) Joe Madureira (I) Jason Martin

The fugitive femme fatale known as Red Monika has returned! Hot on her trail, the Marshal Paladins! When Garrison gets caught in the middle, will he choose to help an old friend, or fulfill his duty as a former Paladin? His surprising decision results in the most action packed issue yet! Don't miss it!

FC 32pp $2.95


(w) Debbie Bishop (p) Mike S. Miller (i) Rick Ketcham & Armando Durruthy

Magic, myth, science and history combine as we discover our world as it was, where history has brought us and where we go from here in this all-new super-powered ongoing series.

Meet three fascinating heroes that truly prove once and for all that "the sum is greaterthan its' parts." Justin, Kaila and Theros are the combined key to immense power. When united--they are unbeatable. When they are odds with each other, their power is devastatingly dangerous. Together, they once caused a war so intense an entire continent crumbled and sank into the sea.

At this very moment, they are united and battling super terrorists and high crimes against the world. Under the cover guise of a black ops organization called Deceivers, they fight ancient Earth enemies who are far more deadly than any single one of them. But with demons--both internal and external-still haunting them, can they be trusted to save mankind...or will their conflicts with each other destroy us all?

Hidden from mankind and hated by each other, a chance meeting has finally united Justin, Kaila and Theros -- The Triune. The question is..."Are they Earth's savior or future source of destruction?"

FC 32pp $2.25

Retailer note: This book ships with three covers:

COVER A: Mike S. Miller

COVER B: Chris Bachalo

COVER C: Andy Park


Todd McFarlane Productions

(W/A) Greg Capullo

It is the final hour. Battu's consciousness is about to be erased, wiped clean from the Creech's brain. Once again, as Dross intended, he will be rendered a remorseless killing machine, a future leader of an army designed to crush the D'troden. But before Dross can boast victory he'll have to contend with the one man who is determined to stand in his way: Chris Rafferty. Will Chris be able to stop Dross before it's too late? If so, will he have the guts to follow through with the plan to destroy the Creech? He knows the fate of worlds hangs in the balance. The swing of these events shall decide the future for all of mankind.

FC 48pp $4.95


Get ready right now!

RIFTWAVE is coming. The long awaited Deity Catseye Crossover makes it's universe shattering debut in 2002. Set yourself up with these complete comic sets. Each contains the whole story. With four simple, affordable purchases you can own every appearance and adventure along the road to RIFTWAVE.


The series that started it all. The very first six issues. Action + Attitude = Excitement. Issue #1 is the much coveted Director's Cut version.

Deity #1-6 (First Series)



New evils are introduced and old friends shock us. Confrontations change the future and a trip to Badlands transforms each player.

Deity: Darkness & Light #1-5



This first Image Comics story arc is considered by many fans to be the quintessential Deity fable. Imagine the rising action and climax to your favorite piece of music in comic form.

Deity Revelations #1-4



Friendship literally means the world in this fast paced, knock-down, drag-out adrenaline rushing tale.

Deity: Catseye #1-4 (Rare variant cover versions)


Next stop...RIFTWAVE!


(W/A)Dean Motter (C)Chris Chuckry

Just who did kidnap Tess LaCoyle-and how is she related to the decade-and-a-half old murder case? Follow electric detective Menlo Park as the web of intrigue becomes more and more tangled. Meanwhile, Inspector Johnny Picasso and reporter Morris Lesse continue to vie for Anesta's attentions. And… is the mysterious architect of the retro-future who he appears to be?

FC 32pp $2.95

FELON #2 (of 4)

Minotaur Press

(W) Greg Rucka, (P) Matthew Clark, (I) Ray Snyder

The second issue of Rucka & Clark's hard-boiled comic. The Felon's just completed five years as a 'guest' of the state, and now she's looking for two things-the men who set her up, and the money she is owed. But there are no old friends in The Felon's world, and when someone comes up behind you out of the past, there's only one thing to do. Start shooting.

FC 32pp $2.50

In stores the week of November 21st.

G.I.JOE #2

(w) Josh Blaylock (p) Steve Kurth (I) John Larter (Cover) J. Scott Campbell


ENOUGH TALK - It's time to save the world. In the second installment of this four-part story arc, G.I.JOE of old meets the new recruits - for the first time giving the team standardized, entry level TROOPERS. GUNG-HO, STALKER, SNAKE-EYES and SCARLETT are sent with a small squadron to ZARTAN'S DREADNOK compound to capture the COBRA hierarchy before they start their evil plan. What the Joes don't know is that it's already too late.

Meanwhile, on the Cobra front, tempers flare and troops are on edge as DESTRO forces his way into the seat of power. Find out what this means for COBRA COMMANDER this November!

FC 32pp $2.95


Top Cow Comics

(W) Silvestri/Wohl, (P) Dwayne Turner

This summer, Top Cow gave you a glimpse of Hell in the most talked about book of 2001, UNIVERSE. But now, Hell has broken loose on Earth and all of humanity's fate lies in the hands of an elite squad of soldiers who must enter the gates of hell in search of answers. Unfortunately, not just anyone can enter Hell alive. You need to be someone who was headed there anyway!!! Join Marc Silvestri, Dwayne Turner and David Wohl on a journey to a world you've never seen before, and hopefully won't need to go to. Welcome to Inferno!

FC 32pp $2.50

In stores the week of November 21st..

Retail note: This book will ship with seven covers. Each cover will have an individual order code.

COVER A: Marc Silvestri

COVER B: Dale Keown

COVER C: Dwayne Turner

COVER D: J. Scott Campbell

COVER E: Joe Jusko

COVER F: Michael Turner

COVER G: Joe Benitez


by Dawn Brown

Merciless bounty hunter Venditti leaves Bea and Chane trapped at the bottom of an icy mountain ravine. An old friend comes to their aid, The Devil! Always the negotiator, he promises their rescue only if Chane will return to his side. Chane and Bea still need to stop Venditti from putting the supposed "holy child" on the auction block in the Middle East. The aftermath of Chane's decision is surprising and frustrating.

Don't miss the final chapter of this extraordinary pilot series. Issues

#1 and #2 are still available.

"...a smooth read with Brown showing an amount of confidence in storytelling that usually isn't seen in indie books." - Marlan Harris, Comic Book Network Electronic Magazine

FC 32pp $2.95


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A)- Mike Avon Oeming



The dark side of the greatest supergroup of all time is in full view when the most public member of the group is violently murdered. The suspect list is a who's who of the most flamboyant and popular super-powered people in the city.

It's cops and capes like you have NEVER seen them in the surprise hit of the from super hot comic writer and EISNER award winner Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spiderman titles, Daredevil, Alias) and full color, art deco comic artist Mike Avon Oeming (Blunt man and Chronic, Hammer of the Gods).

FC 32pp $2.95


McFarlane Toys

Item # 70310 $

McFarlane Toys' second line of professional football action figures features six more of the NFL's best, each sculpted in stunning detail. Fully endorsed by the NFL and Players Inc., each figure comes in team colors with official logos. Each is sculpted in an action pose and includes a section of turf.

This item ships 12 per case. No guarantee of mix. Please inquire about pricing



McFarlane Toys

Item #14920

Deluxe boxed set from the second McFarlane's 3D Animation from Japan series features Kaneda on his motorcycle. Each piece is fully detailed just like in the original anime.

This item ships 6 per case. Please inquire about pricing.



McFarlane Toys

Item #18120

The highly anticipated follow-up to Konami's smash video game is on its way. And so is a new line of action figures from McFarlane Toys,

featuring seven characters from MGS2: six carded figures and a bonus

seventh ­ Metal Gear Ray - that can be assembled from pieces included in

the other six figures. Two of the characters won't be revealed until the

game's release.

This item ships 12 per case. No Guarantee of mix. Please inquire about pricing.



Joe's Comics

(W) J. Michael Straczynski, (P) Gary Frank, (I) Jonathan Sibal, (C) Matt Milla

Issue #12! The long anticipated conclusion to J. Michael Straczynski's

best selling series! The final showdown between David Grey, Laurel, and

the Walkers. Don't miss it…this is what you've been waiting for!! Who

will live and who will die?

FC 32pp $2.50

In stores the week of November 28th..


Top Cow Comics

(W) Fiona Avery, (P) Romano, (I) TBD, (C ) Matt Nelson

Are you ready to die ... again? We're back (by popular demand!) to tie a few things up (maybe Random?) in this second set of No Honor! You can't keep a good samurai spirit down! When we last left our boys, they had not solved the very awkward problem of their dual existence: Random is still host to Tannen's spirit within his body. Random is a thief, Tannen is an honorable samurai. But there are other issues too. What happened to Brit Morrigan? What about that GinOrMous katana they carry around?

What about Random's previous life and his life to come now that he's

sharing space with a ghost-type person? And probably the most compelling

question of all: Just what da heck is Tannen's spirit still around for,

if his quest for vengeance didn't get rid of him?? Come find out. We

promise it won't hurt ... much.

FC 32pp $2.95

In stores the week of November 7th..


All four issues from the first sold-out mini-series are available in this special set

All 4 books for $9.95


(W) Tom DeFalco (P) Ron Lim (I) Robert Jones

"Merciless Are The MALOK!"

A complete single-issue story

Things just keeping getting more complicated for Randy O'Donnell! Just when he's finally managed to convince the people of Bollucidar that he really is super-hero, he accidentally brings a hitchhiker from Earth--a schoolyard bully who hits on Tesca and threatens to expose poor Randy. To make matters even worse, Randy is finally meets one of the alien invaders with designs on Bollucidar, and our hero discovers that even his great super-powers may not be enough to survive the encounter. Facing both defeat and humiliation, Randy also uncovers a startling secret that will change his life forever! Trust us--you don't want to miss this issue!

Plus--bonus text feature--HOW TO WRITE COMICS

"Your first submission!"

A former editor in chief of Marvel Comics, Tom DeFalco will give you important tips to consider as you prepare your very first submission to

any of the major comic book companies. He'll tell you the most common

mistakes that the amateurs make, and the pros avoid!

FC 32pp $2.95


(w) Christian Gossett & Bradley Kayl (a) Chriatian Gossett (c) Snakebite

Team Red Star presents the once exclusive smash hit Wizard 1/2, now available in wide release… and it's better than ever! This special edition has new 3D, is recolored, and includes 10 all new pages of art & story.

As the the war in Al'Istaan moves south into the deadly strongholds of the Nistaani, the United Republics of the Red Star need to replenish their supply of Warkasters, Officers and Krawl Captains. On the deadly proving grounds of The Red Fleet Officer's Academy, Maya, Alexandra, Marcus and hundreds of their comrades prepare to join the fight against the holy warriors.

This stand alone issue is a must have addition to this triple Eisner nominated series and features an all new cover and sketchpages!

FC 32pp $2.95


by Erik Larsen

Reclaim the Earth, Part 1

Turn to the Dark Side! Desperate to reclaim the planet Earth from the villainous Sebastian Khan, the Dragon turns to his most deadly foes--the criminal organization known as the Vicious Circle! Can the Dragon hope to lead his deadliest foes to victory? Will even their combined might help the Dragon to thwart a man so powerful he holds an entire planet at his mercy? Part One of a sizzling new four-part saga! Reclaim the Earth! The action starts here! Great jumping on place for new readers! Savage Dragon comes with our Highest Possible Recommendation!

FC 32pp $2.95


by Erik Larsen.

Reclaim the Earth, Part 2

SuperPatriot returns-- deadlier than ever! The Dragon faces Sebastian Khan's fiercest warrior-- a man whom the Dragon once considered one of his greatest allies! The Dragon has declared all out war on the King of the World and all out action is the result! Our most explosive issue-- ever! Part two of a sizzling new four-part saga! Reclaim the Earth! As always, this issue of Savage Dragon is COMPLETELY accessible to old and new readers! Savage Dragon comes with our Highest Possible Recommendation!

FC 32pp $2.95

SPAWN #116

Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin (P) Angel Medina (I) Danny Miki (C) Brian Haberlin (Cover) Greg Capullo


One year ago, Spawn slew his master Malebolgia and turned his back on both Heaven and Hell, claiming Earth as his province alone. But the ties that bind cannot so be easily severed. Now, the forces of darkness begin to reassert their influence on Spawn, striking at him in ways he never suspected, proving to him that his victory over Hell was not as clear as he believed. And that there is a dear price to be paid for freedom.

FC 32pp $2.50


McFarlane toys

Item #11150-R

Repainted editions of four of the most popular characters from Spawn Series 12. These figures will be sold exclusively through stores in the Diamond distribution network.

This item ships 12 per case. No guarantee of mix. Please inquire about pricing.



McFarlane Toys

Item #12200

A guitar rock hero for the ages, AC/DC's Angus Young is captured mid-riff in his classic schoolboy outfit and playing his trademark Gibson SG guitar. Comes with a large custom base.

This item ships 6 per case. Please inquire about pricing.



(W) Todd Dezago (P) Mike Wieringo (I) Stull, Ketchum, Massengill, Fridolfs

A swashbuckling young boy with a hazy past. A valiant tiger-warrior searching for his. A bold pirate princess separated from her ship. A charismatic thief with a curious secret. And a kleptomaniacal fox with a talent for finding trouble.

Thrust into the roles of Heroes, this handful of colorful characters are given the power to defeat the Malignant Evil that has taken hold of their wonderful, magikal world.

But can they (and You, Adventurous Reader!) discover how to use that power to vanquish their Dark Foe in time?!

Reprinting the classic issues of Tellos #6-10, plus the special preview story from Section Zero #1.

Journey to a world more wondrous than any you have imagined and join in on an adventure that you will never forget!!

FC 136pp $17.95


(W) Marv Wolfman (P) Roger Cruz (I) Dark Design (C) Paul Mounts

The 10th Muse has been defeated and her soul has been removed from the

body of Emma Sonnet. Now there is no one to stop Grayson from leading

his forces against the "Gods of Olympus". The all-too-human Emma and her

friends Brett and Dawn understand only they stand between Grayson and

total conquest of the Gods. But the only way they can survive against

Grayson's power is to enlist the service of their greatest enemy, one

who nearly destroyed them when last they met.

FC 32pp $2.95

Retailer note: This book ships with two covers:

COVER A: by Roger Cruz

COVER B: Rena Mero photo cover


Top Cow Comics

(W) Dan Jurgens, (P) Andy Park, (I) Jonathan Sibal, (C) Jonathan D. Smith

The four-part "Pieces of Zero" kicks into high gear as Lara Croft

suddenly realizes that it's no longer matters of history which consume

her, but matters of the future. Is it possible for the world of

tomorrow to be unravelled by a single object left here by a time

traveller? Lara races against the ultimate clock--infinity itself--as

she finally comes face to face with the incredibly beautiful and

mysterious Caronne!

FC 32pp $2.50

In stores the week of November 14th.


Top Cow Comics

(W) Turner/Oneil; Wohl, Hawkins (P) Michael Turner; Francis Manapul

Lara Croft gets a little help from some of her friends in the latest

Tomb Raider Trade paperback, Tomb Raider/Witchblade and Other Tales!

Including the first two Tomb Raider / Witchblade crossover stories by

superstar artist Michael Turner, the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

one-shot special written by Matt Hawkins, and both Fear Effect specials

based on the best-selling video game, this incredible compilation trade

paperback is sure to leave you craving more! Plus, with an all-new

character collage cover by Michael Turner, make sure to have your copy

reserved today!

FC 112pp $12.95


Top Cow Comics

Celebrate Christmas California style with pinups of the most bodacious

babes from the hottest artists in comics!!!! Including pin-ups by the

likes of Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, Andy Park, Keu Cha, David

Finch, Joe Benitez, Talent Caldwell and many others, this Christmas

Spectacular is sure to keep you quite warm throughout the holiday

season. A perfect stocking stuffer for any Top Cow fan!

FC 32pp $2.95


(W) Gary Carlson, Odie Bracy (A) Jeff Wieigel, Mark Spears, Jeff Austin,

Dan Reed, Mike Roberts, Bob Rivard (cover) Jeff Weigel The World's Greatest Hero - - in his own magazine at last!

Ultiman faces his greatest challenge ever when the forces of nature go

wild and he must protect The Human Lightning Rod! A FAT Ultiman? A BABY

Ultiman? Ultiman with a GIANT BRAIN? A MUMMY Ultiman? It all comes true

when Ultiman faces King Tut's Curse! And don't miss what happens on "The

Day Ultiman's Powers Went Wild!" Plus - - "The Beatnik from Outer

Space!" and "The Thing from Zugan" starring BlackJack & his Flying Aces!

Ultiman Giant-Sized Annual #1 is a self-contained 1-shot , another

quality product from Big Bang Comics, the House of Yesterday!

Recommended for fans of Curt Swan era SUPERMAN and Alan Moore's SUPREME.

B&W $ 48pp $4.95


(W) Joshua Dysart (P) William O'Neill (P) Tone Rodriguez (C) Travis Smith (Cover) Dave Johnson

A year ago Image comics published the first issue of a book that seemed

to be just another damn dark vigilante comic. But slowly Violent

Messiahs revealed it's true nature. Image had unleashed nothing short

of a genre bending theological sci-fi mystery love story about criminal

politics, man's search for individuality and the nature of violence.

Now, to celebrate the ending of the first story arc, we are proud to

present VIOLENT MESSIAHS: IN THE BEGINNING. 56 pages combining the

original B&W VM, and the VM WIZARD 1/2 with pages of hard to find

material including:

- Wizard 1/2 reprinted using Tone Rodriguez's gorgeous pencils, uninked,

and uncolored! (One of Wizard's most successful *s ever!)

- The original, hard to find, Black and White Hurricane comic "VIOLENT

MESSIAHS", published in '97 and pencilled by co-creator William O'Neill!

- Pages from William O'Neill's unpublished 2nd issue!

- The original '97 Dave Johnson cover, recolored by Travis Smith! (both

nominees for this year's Wizard Awards)

- A joint piece by Tone and William (donated to ACTOR for auction)!

- And a plethora of other never before published pin-ups and sketches!

BW $ 56pp $4.95


(W) Adrian Tsang (P) Pat Lee (I) Rob Armstrong

On the run from the Ryotian Empire, Zeph finds himself in the company of

Aragorn, an unscrupulous sorcerer from Zeph's past who insists he knows

a way to reverse the endless winter that is threatening Warlands. Zeph

grudgingly agrees to a dubious truce with a former enemy as he and his

companions are pursued by an elite band of Ryotian soldiers.

FC 32pp $2.95


Top Cow Comics

(W) Paul Jenkins, (P) Brian Ching, (I) D-Tron, (C) Steve Firchow

How does a seasoned NYPD detective explain to her superiors that demons

and ghouls are loose on Earth? Sara Pezzini investigates a

murder/suicide in the fashionable end of town which may be tied to

recent upheavals in the netherworld, but her bosses are beginning to

lose patience with her approach and conclusions. Will this be the end

of her career as a detective?

FC 32pp $2.50

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