Image Comics Solicitations for Product Shipping May, 2005

Image Comics has provided CBR News with covers and solicit information for product shipping May, 2005.

on sale-MAY 2005 o $2.95

bi-monthly ongoing series

black & white & gray

32 pages

written & illustrated by OVI NEDELCUcover by OVI NEDELCU



RUN! The dark cloud of Taxx spreads through city streets like a dark plague and threatens all living things! Boston & Clyde are on the hunt for clues when they run into some of Taxx's dark animal hybrid minions! Will Boston be able to collect the pieces to the puzzle in time? Will he be able to keep Clyde out of harms way? Will be able to save Carmen from Taxx's claws? Find out and come along for the wild ride!

PIGTALE is ™ and © Ovi Nedelcu 2004. All Rights Reserved.

May 25 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95

written by JOSHUA LUNA

art & cover by JONATHAN LUNA

Ethan Daniels is a typical bachelor who suffers from one, infallible truth: dealing with the opposite sex can be complicated. One night, he bumps into a mysterious woman who will change his life… and maybe even the world.


GIRLS is ® and © The Luna Brothers, 2005. All Rights Reserved.


May 4 o 24 x 35 o $5.95

A full-size version of the Luna Brothers' sensational cover to the ULTRA: SEVEN DAYS TP!

ULTRA is ® and © The Luna Brothers, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 4 o 32 pg o FC o $2.99




When Eddie Collins and his father moved to New York, Eddie was given a mystical helmet and became the last in a line of legendary heroes dating back to Ancient Egypt. But does even ShadowHawk have the power to stop the man called BackLight? Even if he does, a new mystery waits in the wings as a mysterious talker attempts to uncover ShadowHawk's secret identity. Plus! A former hero awakens from a deep coma…and goes mad!

SHADOWHAWK is ® and © Jim Valentino, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 11 o 32 pg o FC o $3.50



cover by ESAD RIBIC

World War II. Amid the blood and chaos of the Battle of the Bulge, a battered squad of American soldiers and a platoon of German infantry do everything they can to rip each other to shreds. But to survive the night, the two enemies must come together and unite against an ancient evil hell bent on destroying everything in its path.

COMMON FOE is ™ and © by Keith Giffen & Shannon Denton, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 4 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95

Everyone's favorite Goddess returns to dazzle the eye in an all-new convention sketchbook by JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER. Dawn as a fairy, Dawn as a mermaid, Dawn as a sex kitten-many faces of feminine beauty are on display in this 32-page collection of jaw dropping full-color LINSNER paintings and sketches produced for commissions and conventions. Features exclusive commentary by Lisner!

DAWN is ® and © Joseph Michael Linsner, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 18 o 272 pg o FC o $17.95


Art & Cover by DOUG TENNAPEL

Chief Edwards retires from the Modesto Police Department a lonely man. On his way home he hits a flying whale with his car, opening the beast's mouth to find a boy from a parallel universe named Jacobus. Chief discovers that a society of insect monsters want to kill this boy due to a mysterious virus that grows on his hand. The Chief becomes a father figure to the boy and trains him how to survive insect monsters by becoming a great American ass-kicker.

Earthboy Jacobus is ™ and © Doug TenNapel, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 4 o 32 pg o BW o $2.95

written & illustrated by JIM MAHFOOD


Slug (from the group Atmosphere) and Murs (from Living Legends) are two of the hottest rappers in the underground hip hop scene today. FELT is a one-shot comic that acts as a visual interpretation of their new collaborative album under the same name. But you don't have to buy the new album to dig this book! Popular cartoonist JIM MAHFOOD (CLERKS, STUPID COMICS) turns tunes from the new record into funny and clever comic strips with topics ranging from bar fights, to break-ups, to making art, to dirty girls! This is a truly interesting and unique comics experience sure to please music and non-music fans alike.


FELT: TRUE TALESOF UNDERGROUND HIP HOP is ™ and © Jim Mahfood, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 18 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95

written by GREG THOMPSON

art & cover by ROBBI RODRIGUEZ

Eric Quinlan is an average kid whose life is turned upside down when his super-powered parents send him to a summer camp for teenagers with powers. Eric finds himself lost in the woods of Camp Enokchuk, being stalked by three super-villains who believe he really does have super-powers!

Hero Camp is © Robbi Rodriguez, Russ Lowery & Greg Thompson, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 4 o 32 pg o FC o $3.50



cover by ERIC CANETE

Quentin keeps out of trouble, driving a bus that takes him nowhere…until a standard route brings the excitement he's always wanted at the risk of his life. With the world speeding by and control slipping out of his fingers, Quentin finds love at the wrong end of a gun.

NYC MECH is ™ and © Ivan Brandon, Miles Gunter & Andy MacDonald, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 25 o 16 pg o BW o 50¢

written by SCOTT KURTZ

art & cover by SCOTT KURTZ

The time of the old-guard newspaper comic strip has come to an end. It's time for an all-new, all-different comic strip to bring the funny back to the funny pages. No cynicism, no lasagna and no jokes about fitting into bathing suits. PvP is here to kick the funny pages straight in the groin. This 16-page primer is ONLY 50¢ and a perfect opportunity to try PvP for the first time.

PvP is ™ and © Scott R. Kurtz, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 18 o 32 pg o FC o $3.50

written by J.M. DeMATTEIS

art & cover by MIKE PLOOG

The creative team of the critically-acclaimed series, Abadazad, reunite in this new original fantasy story destined to become an instant classic!

Last night, when Cody DiMarco went to bed, life was the same as it's always been. This morning, when he woke up, the world he knew...was gone.

THE STARDUST KID is ™ and © by J.M. DeMatteis & Mike Ploog, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 4 o 144 pg o BW o $12.95

written by PHIL HESTER

art & cover by MIKE HUDDLESTON

Cole Gibson is haunted by vivid and terrifying nightmares that cripple his career and alienate his family. He soon discovers his dreams are merely doorways into a separate, hidden level of reality populated by beings beyond imagining. The menacing forces lurking in this realm crave one prize above all- Cole Gibson's soul. This trade paperback collects every issue of the hard-to-find, critically acclaimed miniseries by the creators of The Coffin, plus a sketchbook section, all-star pinups and the short story prequel, "The Vacant."

DEEP SLEEPER is ™ and © Phil Hester & Mike Huddleston, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 25 o 144 pg o BW o $12.99


art & cover by DAVE CROSLAND & DEBBIE

This digest-sized volume is a collection of short stories from underground kingpin DAVE CROSLAND (BAD IDEAS, PUFFED, HEAVEN LLC) and his partner in crime, DEBBIE (Venus Magazine, Spin, tastes like chicken). The book culls the best stories from the five-year run of their out-of-print mini-comic, SLOP, including the Zine Yearbook Award-winning "Patience Gets You Nowhere, Tolerance Gets You Hurt." It also contains original pinups and rare sketchwork from DAVE and DEBBIE's art book, Acid Bomb, monthly "Slop" comic strips that appeared on tlchicken.com and all sorts of never-before-seen doodles and goodies. As if that wasn't enough, SLOP: ANACLETA is rounded out by four brand new, mind-blowing comic shorts. It's all the humor, drama and social commentary these tenacious Ds could muster, finally collected and available to the worldwide masses!

SLOP: ANACLETA is ™ and © by Dave Crosland, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 11 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95


art & cover by ANDY SMITH

back cover by JEFF JOHNSON

While Carson continues using the power of the armor to recklessly fulfill his wildest dreams, the armor slowly begins to twist Carson's mind to suit its own mysterious needs. Meanwhile, as Detective Hill closes in, the secrets of his true mission begin spilling out...with possibly deadly consequences for Whitney, Carson's unrequited love.

ARMOR X is ™ and © 2004, Keith Champagne & Andy Smith, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 11 o 32 pg o BW o $2.95

written by PAUL GRIST

art & cover by PAUL GRIST

Everyone's after Burglar Bill and he never did anything wrong in the first place. Well, except for that whole burglar thing… Wybourn is a thief. A scoundrel. A liar. And right now he's in big trouble. Two nights ago he stole a car radio - and now the owners have tracked him down and they want their property back. Only Wybourn doesn't have it anymore. If he's going to get it back, then he'll have to burgle the offices of the local newspaper. And Wybourn doesn't do burglary. But he knows a man who does…

This issue is an all-new, previously unpublished Burglar Bill story!

BURGLAR BILL is ™ & © Paul Grist, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 11 o 32 pg o BW o $2.50

written by MARC ANDREYKO




Twitch's youngest child -- and millions like her around the world -- love the movies, music and clothes of six-year-old starlet Lacey Ann Lions. But when a horrific tragedy befalls Lacey and her movie-mogul parents, Twitch is flooded with memories of his own lost daughter, Lauren. Can Twitch keep it together through this gruesome case? And can the person who committed such an atrocity be brought down?


CASE FILES: SAM & TWITCH is ™ and © Todd McFarlane Productions, 2005. All Right Reserved.

May 18 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95

written by ERIC DIETER

art & cover by TOM SCIOLI


Penultimate Issue! When a mysterious floating island appears in the skies above Patriot City, Freedom Force is called into action to prevent the mesmerized female populace from being transformed into the willing servants of a nefarious goat-footed demigod. Even if the team can somehow overcome the awesome powers of the pipe-playing Pan, can they survive a betrayal by one of their own?

FREEDOM FORCE is ™ and © Irrational Games LLC, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 18 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95

written by BEN AVERY


When his creator grew up, Superhero G was forgotten and sent to the Imagined Nation. Now, donning the secret identity of George, Superhero G as found himself playing the role of superhero: righting wrongs and helping the people of the city, who are oppressed by the Ice Queen's dictatorial regime. But as Superhero G's first day in the Imagined Nation come to a close, he finds himself resolved even more to find a way to reunite with his creator. Because as night comes to the city, Superhero G finds himself facing something he has never had to face before: being alone.

IMAGINARIES is ™ and © Mike S. Miller, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 11 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95



Picking up right where the 50¢ issue #0 left off! Mark and Amber have come to a new understanding, things are different and now they're left wondering what's next for them. Meanwhile, something is happening in deep space. Luckily, Allen the Alien is on hand to deal with it-but will he be enough?

INVINCIBLE is ™ and © Robert Kirkman & Cory Walker, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 4 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95


art & cover by HECTOR SEVILLA


LULLABY comes to a dramatic conclusion as Jim and Pinocchio finally come face to face with Alice, the Piper, Red Riding Hood and Cheshire Cat. A bond is formed quickly, not only because both groups are heading toward Oz, but also because they share a common menace. A menace that threatens everyone… Oz's own Tin Man. But just as everything else has been twisted and bent in this fairy tale world so has the Tin Man. Can the newly formed fellowship stand against the lumbering, steam powered giant, or will this be the end of the journey for our heroes?

LULLABY: WISDOM SEEKER is ™ and © Mike S. Miller & Hector Sevilla, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 11 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95

written by MIKE BARON

art & cover by MIKE NORTON


Annie sees the future. Walter talks with God. Jerry makes machines mutate and grow. And Jack? Nobody knows exactly what Jack does. The apocalypse begins not in heaven, but in New England. On July 2nd, in a Boston junkyard, these four makeshift heroes must defeat a battalion of lost souls to stop the devil's reign on earth.

NIGHT CLUB is ™ and © Mike Norton & Mike Baron, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 18 o 32 pg o FC o $3.50

written by JAY FAERBER

art & cover by FRAN BUENO

It's here! The issue everything's been building towards! Will Doc regain his old body? Will Celeste's new, heroic attitude stick? Will Rusty ever be found? Will Frost keep Cosmic Rae's secret? All those questions-and more-will be answered!

NOBLE CAUSES is ™ and © Jay Faerber, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 25 o 32 pg o FC o $3.50

written by ARTHUR SUYDAM

art & cover by ARTHUR SUYDAM


Finally-the inspiration for the new animation pilot from Paranoid Delusions Productions! Featuring riveting high-definition tales of Suydam's ultimate anti-heroes, Cholly and Flytrap, the story continues from last issue as Cholly battles the two headed beast that…figures things out, shall we say… the "Monty Python" way! Presented with action-packed hilarity and pacing that is surreal and familiar all at the same time, "The Rites of Spring" and "The End" are terrifyingly funny chapters of action and adventure from a master storyteller with a truly unique point of view.

CHOLLY & FLYTRAP is ™ and © Arthur Suydam, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 11 o 32 pg o FC o $2.99

written by JAY FAERBER


Is it too much to ask for our four young heroes to enjoy some downtime, hanging out in the Noble family's vacation home on the moon? Apparently, it is, because instead of doing just that, they're racing to prevent a giant asteroid from crashing into the Earth! Who will rise to the challenge? Who will crack under pressure?

THE PACT is ™ and © Jim Valentino, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 25 o 64 pg o FC o $4.95

written by ERIK LARSEN

art & cover by ERIK LARSEN


The Dragon fights his most devastating battle ever! Now, barely clinging to life, his regenerating abilities gone, things couldn't be much more desperate! Enter: the FLY! Meanwhile, Mister Glum prepares to take over the planet Earth! Plus: whatever other goodies we can cram into this giant-sized anniversary issue! Not to be missed!

SAVAGE DRAGON is ® and © Erik Larsen, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 25 o 32 pg o 2C o $2.95

story & script by RICK REMENDER

story & breakdowns by KIERON DWYER

finishes & color washes by SALGOOD SAM

cover by SALGOOD SAM

On their journey to discover Blackthroat, Marco and Director Joel Cameron's crew end up on a dark island in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. Plotting to fuel Marco's thirst for revenge, Cameron hatches a trap with Jeanine's life in the balance. As the small crew turns on one another they soon learn that this island is not as deserted as it seems; it is home to an ancient clan of vampires whose dark secret has ramifications for all of humanity.


Sea of Red is ™ and © Rick Remend, Kieron Dwyer & Salgood Sam, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 25 o 32 pg o FC o $2.50





Something has drawn Al Simmons to a small New England town, a seemingly idyllic community. He soon discovers that beneath its picturesque surface the town hides a dark secret-a yearly ritual in which an innocent is sacrificed and an infernal price is paid. Delving into the village's shadowy past, the Hellspawn uncovers a secret pact that goes back almost to the dawn of creation… and learns of an unexpected bargain between Heaven and Hell.

SPAWN is ™ and © Todd McFarlane Productions, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

May 11 o 32 pg o BW o $2.95



cover by TONY MOORE

After the earth shattering events of past issues, Lori is left dealing with the choices she's made and the events that have transpired of no fault of her own. Meanwhile steps are made to turn the prison into a home. Things are winding down and life is becoming more bearable. If only they could forget what they just went through.


THE WALKING DEAD is ™ and © Robert Kirkman, 2005. All Rights Reserved.


McFarlane Toys

Item #: 76270

McFarlane Toys is proud to present its premiere series of classic basketball action figures. The legendary players in this line represent some of the best in the game, each sculpted in an action pose with accurate period uniforms and equipment.

The item ships 12 per case.

May 2005

Julius Erving, Philadelphia 76ers F, No. 6

Larry Bird, Boston Celtics F, No. 33

Bill Walton, Portland Trailblazers C, No. 32

Pete Maravich, New Orleans Jazz G, No. 7

Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia 76ers C, No. 13

Willis Reed, New York Knicks C, No. 19

McFarlane Toys

Item #: 12522

McFarlane Toys' latest Elvis action figure features the King of Rock 'n' Roll in a classic pose and the gold lame outfit he wore during a New York City appearance in 1956. Accurately capturing Elvis' essence, this impeccably detailed figure includes a custom marquee base and mic stand.

The item ships six per case.

May 2005

McFarlane Toys

Item #: 60200

McFarlane Toys' first venture into a military line features six fully detailed representations of American soldiers in authentic uniforms and equipment, and sculpted in standard McFarlane scale (6 to 7 inches). Each figure features a level of detail and craftsmanship never before seen in this genre.

The item ships 12 per case.

May 2005

U.S. Army Ranger

U.S. Navy SEAL

U.S. Marine Corp. Recon sniper

U.S. Marine Recon soldier

U.S. Army desert soldier

U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command, CCT

McFarlane Toys

Item: 41100

The fourth edition of the infamous McFarlane's Monsters series is a line of six figures based on classic fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters, each evolved in the McFarlane style. These fairy tales definitely aren't for children.

The item ships 12 per case.

May 2005



Peter Pumpkin Eater

Little Miss Muffet

Humpty Dumpty

Red Riding Hood

Note: Available to specialty stores only


Mark Waid and Marc Silvetri's new ongoing masterpiece starts with Hunter-Killer #1, and this rare limited edition comic was previously available ONLY to advance ticket holders at 2004's Wizard World Texas con. Now YOU can get this incredible rarity at a great, low price!

One limited edition comic $10 suggested retail price

The shocking conclusion to the Witchblade "Death Pool" storyarc comes wrapped in this stunning Dave Nestler cover previously available only through New Dimension Comics and NDComics.com. This gold-foil exclusive is limited to 1000 copies! Now this great rarity can be yours!

One limited edition comic $12 suggested retail price

One limited edition comic $19.99 suggested retail price signed by writer David Wohl

ARROW: Mark Waid and Marc Silvestri's EXPLOSIVE ongoing series!

(W) Mark Waid (P) Marc Silvestri (I) Joe B. Weems V (Col) Steve Firchow (Cov) Marc Silvestri

Another rogue Ultra-Sapien is on the loose-and the Hunter-Killer program has no choice but to send rookie Ellis into the field to handle him, despite the risk! For if Wolf finds Ellis before the mission's over, the two men could team to bring the entire program down!

Full color 32 pages $2.99 ongoing series

And please flip to the Dynamic Forces section of Previews for Hunter-Killer lithos and merchandise!.

ARROW: He sees dead people!

(W) Fiona Avery (P) Staz Johnson (I) Wayne Faucher (C) Steve Firchow

Lionel Zerb continues to hunt down and analyze ghosts in this new series in the Rising Stars universe. Lionel's latest case gives him a unique point of view, but sends his clients screaming. All the while, Lionel draws closer and closer to a force greater than he ever imagined! Great new Rising Stars action is brought to you by Fiona Avery (Amazing Fantasy, Araña) and Staz Johnson (Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus)!

Full color 32 pages $2.99 part 2 of a 6-part storyarc

ARROW: Stand-alone action!

(W) Ron Marz (Art) Keu Cha (Cov) Adam Hughes

In the self-contained issue, Sara Pezzini's first day back on the job as a New York City police detective is anything but business as usual. Sara is called in when a mysterious murder takes place at the American Museum of Natural History, but are the goings-on truly ghostly, or is something far more sinister at work? Keu Cha (Darkness: Black Sails) provides stunning painted art, while the awesome Adam Hughes takes over the cover duties.

Full color 32 pages $2.99 continuing series

ALSO AVAILABLE: Top Cow Fine Art Lithograph of this cover! A limited edition of 250 pieces, reproduced at the highest quality possible at 12x18 inches!

Limited edition lithograph $19.99

Limited edition lithograph signed by artist Adam Hughes $29.99

ARROW: The NEW comic series based on the SPECTACULAR video game!

(W) Mark Waid (P) David Nakayama (Col) Sonia Oback (Cov) Rodolfo Migliari, Dale Keown and George Pérez

Paragon City is a Silver-Age superheroic wonderland-until the reality and terrors of the modern age catch up to its defenders in one awful and shocking moment! Now the defenders of Paragon will find out once and for all what a real hero is in today's world! Noted superhero writer Mark Waid brings you the action, with Kubert School grad and Wizard contest winner David Nakayama on art!

Full color 32 pages $2.99 ongoing series

Three covers available by Rodolfo Migliari (Common Grounds), Dale Keown (The Darkness) or George Pérez (JLA/Avengers). Have your retailer reserve your favorite!

ARROW: It's MONSTROUS! Top Cow against classic monsters!

(W) Chris Golden and Tom Sniegoski (Art) Joyce Chin (Col) Scott Kester (Cov) Joyce Chin and Eric Basaldua

The Magdalena has been infected by the bite of Dracula, and is slowly becoming one of the undead. It's up to Tomb Raider Lara Croft and the mysterious Dr. Jekyll to search out the only know cure in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, where they do battle with a savage pack of Wolf-Men! Meanwhile, the monstrous Mr. Hyde moves ahead in his insidious plans to bring about the apocalypse.

And don't miss NEXT month's chapter: Witchblade vs. Frankenstein's Monster!

Full color 32 pages $2.99 Part 2 of a 4-part storyarc

ARROW: Manga-styled action at a GREAT price!

(W) David Wohl (Art) Wilson Tortosa (Cov) Alex Ross

Follow Princess of G-Force as she leaves the team, battles the Charioteers of Chongu, and gets reunited with her G-Force mates in this thrilling six-issue mini-series. Also included: Battle of the Planets #1/2 and the Battlebook! Eight issues in one great package at one low price!

b/w 5x7 inches 224 pages $9.99 trade paperback

Featuring art by Marc Silvestri, David Finch, Michael Turner, Dale Keown, Alex Ross, Gary Frank and more!

ARROW: Art! History! Creamy goodness!

Come along for the ride of a lifetime-13 years worth of Top Cow art and history, all presented in a magnificent coffee table book format! This tome is lavishly illustrated with the best of Top Cow's art from over a decade of publishing, plus never-before-seen photographs and behind-the-scenes stories of the rise of Top Cow!

Full Color 276 pages $24.99 trade paperback

Dale Keown brings his own brand of horror to the Darkness! This Top Cow Fine Art Lithograph is a limited edition of 250 pieces, reproduced at the highest quality possible! Put it on YOUR wall!

Full color 12x18 inches $19.99 Limited edition lithograph

ALSO AVAILABLE: Signed edition by artist Dale Keown, $29.99

Complete Star Wars Timeline Laid Out on New Official Graphic

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