Image Comics Solicitations for product shipping March, 2002


(W) Brian Holguin (A) Marc Pajarillo and Lan Medina

FC 32pp $2.95 2 ISSUE STORY

In Stores the week of March 27th.

The Concept

A tale of magic, mystery and a love that spans the ages.

London, the summer of 1966.

The air is electrified with music, the streets are bursting with color, and everywhere you look, Youth is king. Into this strange and brave new world, a wayward knight comes looking for his long lost love: Lady Kildare of the Faerie. Blissfully reunited, the expatriate Fairy Princess helps the time-lost Sir Thomas adapt to the mad whirl of life in the 20th century, a life of motorcars, rock clubs and pop art "happenings." It has been said that love conquers all, but Kildare must learn the hard way that, unlike her, not everyone is meant to live forever.

Recommended for readers and fans of...Neil Gaiman, Sandman, and Witchblade.


Aria is Copyright and trademark Brian Haberlin and Brian Holguin, 2001.

All rights reserved.


(A)Jay Anacleto

FC 48pp $5.95 Prestige Format One-shot

In Stores the week of March 20th.

The Concept

A collection of works from the superstar artist of ARIA and ATHENA INC. Many images never seen before. Featuring a step by step how-to by the master artist himself as he takes

a piece from beginning to end. Also, includes a tutorial from

world-renowned colorist Brian Haberlin on digitally coloring Jay's

fabulous work.

Simply a must have item for fans of the sequential art form.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Beautiful Art, Alex Ross, and Jay Anacleto


THE ART OF JAY ANACLETO is Copyright and trademark Brian Haberlin, 2001.

All rights reserved.


(W) Debbie Bishop (P) Mike Miller (I) Rick Ketcham (Cover) Mike Miller

FC 32pp $2.95 Bimonthly ongoing series

In Stores the week of March 13th.

The Concept

Risen from the ashes of an ancient civilization, three fascinating

heroes are forced together to fight evil, overcome their fears and right

the wrongs they left behind. Outwordly, under the cover of a black ops

organization called The Deceivers, they battle super terrorists and high

crimes against the world. Secretly, in places hidden from mankind, they

fight ancient enemies who are far more deadly.

Their power is devastatingly dangerous. Together they once caused a war

so intense an entire continent crumbled and sank into the sea. Now that

fate has brought them together, will they be mankind's savior, or will

their conflicts with each other destroy us all?

This Issue

Episode 3: "One Man's Enemy is Another Man's Hero"

The chaos continues! The sudden appearance of a sworn enemy ignites a

rebellion unseen since the destruction of ancient Atlantis. Old friends

are pitted against each other in a fight for their lives. Secret powers

are revealed when Kaila is forced to pry Justin from the claws of

certain death. And an ancient prophecy is set in motion as the tide

changes for the hidden world of Atlantis.

Recommended for readers and fans of...X-men, Battle Chasers, Planetary, Fantastic Four and X-Files


BLACK TIDE, its logo and all related characters are ©, ™ LEFT FIELD

Productions, 2001. All Rights Reserved.


(W) Christina Z & Trent Kaniuga (A) Trent Kaniuga & Christina Z

FC 32pp $2.95 Bi-Monthly 4 issue series.

ATTENTION: Please see order form for retailer incentive program.

In Stores the week of March 13th.

The Concept

CreeD is Mark Farley, a boy who created his own Dreamworld for escape

when physical and mental pain became too tough to bear by himself. What

he didn't realize was that many of the creatures that were created

didn't want to stay there and that this wonderful solace could in fact,

be corrupted by someone with evil intentions. When fantasy and reality

collide, it proves to be the most dangerous thing Mark ever imagined!

This Issue

Mark has learned his Dreamworld is ripe with disorder. But it's not the

usual foes he's fought for so long. It seems the new enemy goes to his

school and is stunningly beautiful. Is she really the threat or is she

just a puppet for someone far more sinister? While a battle with a

Japanese dragon threatens the life of Mark's Dreamfrog, CJ, Mark is

haunted by an evil faerie who sees men only as one thing … prey.

Recommended for readers and fans of

Books of Magic, The Maxx, Adventures of Harry Potter, Cowboy Bebop, and

those who love the look of painted works.


CreeD is ™ Trent Kaniuga and Copyright Trent Kaniuga and Christina Z, 2001 All rights reserved.


(w) Dan Mishkin (a) Tom Mandrake (cover) Tom Mandrake

FC 32pp $2.95 Bi-Monthly Ongoing Series

In Stores the week of March 6th.

The Concept

Have you ever had a nightmare about a bogeyman who knows your deepest

secrets? He's REAL. Did you snicker at that strange-looking freak with

goop dribbling down his chin? Funny...he's laughing at YOU. Do you

wish you could take your world back from the weirdos and the Creeps?

Bear this in mind: very soon your life may depend on them. Because in a

world without heroes, sometimes the Creeps are all you've got.

This Issue

Amid the city's alleyways and darkened streets, someone is stalking the

Creeps. And their only choice is to stalk back. But the unspeakably

evil Genesys Corporation is well protected by power and politics, and

the Creeps may be too late to rescue their missing friends. Though not

too late to discover a horror even they are unprepared for - a horror

that lurks deep within one twisted human heart!

Recommended for readers and fans of...The "X-Files," the classic movie "Freaks," the films of George Romero, the "Sopranos"-style mix of funny and fatal.


Creeps is ™ and © Dan Mishkin and Tom Mandrake, 2001. All rights reserved.


(W) Chris Sarracini (A) Jo & Christina Chen (I) Jo & Christina Chen

Cover A by Jo Chen

Cover B by Pat Lee

FC 32pp $2.95 Bi-Monthly 8 Issue Finite Series

In Stores the week of March 13th.

The Concept

Welcome to the shadowy world of DarkMinds, the chilling story of a

prolific serial killer and two special investigators charged with

bringing the killer to justice. Set in the not-so-distant future city of

Marcropolis, DarkMinds is a synthesis of classic detective fiction and

the broader genre of sci-fi cyberpunk.

This Issue

Join us for: A brutal killer on the loose, a headless body with a

heartbeat and a six-foot-five security guard named "Tiny" as the mad

journey through Macropolis continues! The race is on to apprehend the

city's newest and most sadistic killer in this, the second installment

of the eight-issue serial. Agents Nagawa and Nakiko are desperate for

leads but the meticulous killer has covered his tracks well. Tired,

frustrated and angry our heroes appear beaten. That is until the daring

killer pays them an in-person visit, delivering a "gift" that

intensifies the chase to new heights. How long can the killer avoid

Nagawa and Nakiko? How many will suffer in the process? And how long

until Nagawa and Nakiko become targets themselves?

Recommended for readers and fans of...Silence of the Lambs, Sam & Twitch, and Blade Runner.


DarkMinds is ™ and © Dreamwave Productions, 1998. All rights reserved.


by Joseph Michael Linsner

FC 144pp Trade Paperback $12.95

In Stores the week of March 13th.

The Concept

There are reasons that the witches meet in secret. Pagans, Goddess

worshippers...or Witches...the names may change, but those who have

bowed at the feet of the Great Mother Goddess have been around since

before recorded time. So have their enemies, who fear feminine power

and hide in the shadows. Those who prey on the witches are so good at

their grisly work that soon there are only two left-- and one of them

takes her own life rather than fall victim to the demons chasing her.

With her dying breath, she summons Dawn, the Goddess of the earth, of

birth and rebirth, and protector of the witches. Lucifer, prince of

lies, and Ahura-Mazda, master of Heaven, may try to bar her path with

treachery and swords, but neither Heaven nor Hell is safe from Dawn's

quest for answers -- and for bloody vengeance.

Recommended for readers and fans of...Frazetta, Alan Moore's "Promethea", Sandman, Books of Magic, Slaine the Horned God, Joseph Campbell, Pagans, gypsies and walkers of alternative spiritual paths.


Dawn is ™ and © Joseph Michael Linsner. All rights reserved.


Limited to 1500 copies. Allocations may occur. $39.95


Minotaur Press

(W) Greg Rucka (P) Matthew Clark (I) Ray Snyder (C) Matt Nelson

BW 32pp $2.95 Six Issue Series

In Stores the week of March 20th.

The Concept

She took the fall and they took her money, but now the Felon is free,

and she's out to collect what she's owed...with interest.

This Issue

When the Felon stepped into freedom for the first time in 3 years, there

was one person waiting for her--the Fed who helped put her away. Meet

Special Agent Elizabeth Freeh--and get a taste for exactly just what

lengths she'll go to track the Felon--and how far she'll stray to take

her adversary down. From crack houses in Vegas to the midway at the

Kansas State Fair, she's on the side of the law... but don't think that

makes her a good guy.

Recommended for readers and fans of...Witchblade, Oz, hard-boiled crime stories, and Detective Comics.


Felon™ its logo and all related characters are ®,™ & © 2002 Greg Rucka

and Top Cow Productions Inc. All rights reserved.


(W) Steve Niles (A) Nat Jones (I) Kevin Conrad & Rich Bonk (C) Todd Broeker

FC 32pp $2.95 Bi-Monthly Ongoing Series

Cover A by Nat Jones

Cover B by Ashley Woods

In Stores the week of March 6th.

The Concept

Mark Haggerty, a young robotics engineer becomes the unwilling pawn of

two colliding egos bent on each other's destruction. During a routine

test, Mark is permanently fused with a experimental robot suit. Trapped,

he finds himself accused of murder and the target of a worldwide

manhunt. On the run and rapidly becoming amalgamated with a complex

exo-skeleton, Mark must fight through misguided military forces and

units of government-sanctioned superheroes, and somehow get his life back.

This Issue

"Canned Heat". Part One of Four

Ex-Air Force pilot Mark Haggerty works as a robotics engineer. He works

hard. He has a wife who loves him. They have a nice home in the 'burbs.

It's a good life...until Mark stumbles into the crosshairs of two

destructive men. The resulting catastrophe fuses Mark inside an

indestructible robot suit called CY-BOT. In the blink of an eye Mark's

life is turned upside down and the world is given a new hero!

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Spawn, X-Files, Star Wars and the classic superhero comics of the 70's

with a touch Ghost In The Shell, Battle Chasers, and The Hulk.


Fused! is © Steve Niles, 2001. All Fused! characters and concepts ©

Steve Niles, 2001. All images © Nat Jones, 2001

G.I. JOE #4

(W) Josh Blaylock (P) Steve Kurth (I) John Larter (Cover) J. Scott Campbell

FC 40pp $3.50 Ongoing Monthly Series

In Stores the week of March 6th.

The Concept

After almost a decade of being disbanded, America's premier fighting

force is reinstated and back in action! Too bad for them they're back

because their arch nemeses Cobra, Destro, and the Drednoks are back too!

This Issue

"Reinstated" Part 4 of 4

"Destro" unleashes the nano-mites on America and chaos ensues. All

communication from Washington DC has been cut off, and the Joes must go

in blind. This issue wraps up the story arc that brought G.I.JOE back

to comics and lays the foundation for many more stories to come. Perhaps

the most action packed issue yet, the Joes' battle with Cobra takes them

right up to the white house lawn! Yo Joe!

Recommended for readers and fans of G.I.Joe is a sure win with anyone into high adventure, military action,

and more. It's an action story that plots the U.S. military against a

team of near-super villains, and a great nostalgia kick to boot. For

fans of the old Joe toon and comics, Danger Girl, The One, Rainbow Six


G.I.Joe is ™ and © Hasbro, Inc, 2001. All right reserved.


Top Cow Comics

(W) Marc Silvestri/David Wohl (P) Marc Silvestri (I) Batt (C) Steve Firchow

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing Series

In Stores the week of March 27th.

The Concept

Hell has broken loose on Earth, and humanity's fate lies in the hands of

an elite squad of soldiers who must enter the gates of Hell in search of

answers. Unfortunately, not just anyone can enter Hell alive...you have

to be someone who was heading there anyway!

This Issue

The explosive Inferno story line continues!!! Everyone has their own

disturbing versions of what hell is, but Joe Dante and his team soon

discover that nothing in their worst nightmares could have prepared them

for what they're about to face! Hell isn't what they expected but

unfortunately, that isn't a good thing! Join creators Marc Silvestri and

David Wohl on their Hellbound adventure, and see for yourself who can

survive the journey!!!

Recommended for readers and fans of...The Dirty Dozen, Tomb Raider, H.P. Lovecraft, and The Prophecy.


Inferno: Hellbound™ its logo and all related characters are ®,™ & © 2002

Top Cow Productions Inc. All rights reserved.


McFarlane Toys

Item #12260

A one-of-a-kind from McFarlane Toys: KISS Busts. These unique collectibles feature KISS members ­ Gene Simmons, Peter Kiss, Paul Stanley, and Ace Frehley ­ and will make a perfect addition for any KISS fan.

* Gene Simmons

* Peter Kiss

* Paul Stanley

* Ace Frehley

This item ships 12 per case. No guarantee of mix. Please inquire about pricing.



(W) Jay Faerber (P) Patrick Gleason & Jamal Igle (I) John Wycough & Damon Hacker

Cover A by Patrick Gleason

Cover B by Randy Green

FC 32pp $2.95 Bi-Monthly Ongoing Series

In Stores the week of March 6th.

The Concept

Having married into the illustrious Noble family, everywoman Liz

Donnelly gets to see a side of the world's greatest super-heroes that

few others know exists. Behind the glamour and wonder lie dark secrets,

ruthless ambition, and twisted desires. It's like the Kennedys with

super-powers! Each issue features a lead story set in the present, and a

back-up story set in the past.

This Issue

Part 2 of a 4-issue story arc

While the Noble family reels from last issue's events, Doc and Gaia have

a confrontation that just may end their marriage; Rusty comes out of

seclusion; Frost and Celeste take their secret affair into dangerous

waters; and Zephyr entrusts Krennick with a personal secret. Jamal Igle

(New Warriors) pencils the back-up story, which depicts the terrible

attack that left Rusty near death... and almost tore his family apart.

Recommended for readers and fans of...X-Force, Powers, The Elementals, Astro City, and soap operas.


Noble Causes is ™ and © Jay Faerber, 2001. All right reserved.


by Mark Ricketts

BW Graphic Novel 192pp $14.95

In Stores the week of March 20th.

The Concept

Dig this, daddy-o! A 1950s Greenwich Village beatnik seeks love and

spiritual enlightenment, but instead finds himself embroiled in a

mystery involving a murdered exotic dancer, a thrill-killing mobster, a

hopped-up bebop jazz drummer, a ruthless Hollywood starlet, and a

crooked cop. This cat is on an espresso-fueled, riffs-n-stiffs, one-way

trip to nowheresville, baby!

Recommended for readers and fans of...for those hipsters that dig real-gone Beat generation literature like Kerouac's "On the Road" and such film noir classics as "Touch of Evil!"


Nowheresville is * and © Mark Ricketts, 2001. All right reserved.


**For every 10 copies sold, retailers are likely to receive good karma

and, in some rare instances, nirvana. Not to mention finger snaps of

approval from the "IN" crowd.**


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Mike Avon Oeming (Cover) Mike Avon Oeming

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing Monthly Series

In Stores the week of March 27th.

The Concept

Heroes glide through the sky on lightning bolts and fire. Flamboyant

villains attempt daring daylight robberies. God-like alien creatures

clash in epic battle over the nighttime sky. And on the dirty city

streets below, Detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim do their

job, as special homicide officers in charge of cases that involve


What is a cop's job like in a world where powers are par for the course?

And what kind of cop is given the assignment?

This Issue


Fireworks!! That's right!

Its been building and building and here it comes- as the Super Group

homicide case twists around and around, the powers detectives finally

turn on each other- and it doesn't end pretty,

It's the issue you've been waiting for- it is finally here! Walker and

Deena have it out!

Recommended for Readers and fans of...Alia, Daredevil, and Ultimate Spider-Man


POWERS is ™ and © JINXWORLD INC., 2001. All right reserved


by Erik Larsen

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing Monthly Series

In Stores the week of March 20th.

The Concept

The planet Earth has gone through a startling transformation! The domino

effect caused from killing a deadly time-traveling foe has forever

changed the world the Dragon lives in! Trapped in this savage world, the

former police officer must cope with the strange new earth he

unwittingly created and try to repair the damage he's caused! It ain't

easy, bub!

This Issue

Enter: She-Dragon. The Dragon and the Eternal Youths must free

She-Dragon from the evil clutches of the depraved devil Rakkum! When

the Dragon last found himself in a situation like this it led to the

resurrection of the depraved Darklord and the end of the world! Can

this startling occurrence spell the end of this Savage World as well?

The startling saga that leads up to the record setting 100th issue

begins here!

Recommended for readers and fans of...all the other books you love so much. This one has it all!


Savage Dragon is ® and © Erik Larsen, 2001. All right reserved.

SPAWN #120

Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Brian Holguin and Todd McFarlane (P) Angel Medina (I) Danny Miki

(Cover) Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing Monthly Series

In Stores the week of March 27th.

The Concept

Al Simmons, once the U.S. government's greatest soldier and most

effective assassin, was mercilessly executed by his own men. Resurrected

from the ashes of his own grave in a flawed agreement with the powers of

darkness, Simmons is reborn as a creature from the depths of Hell.

Disfigured, homeless and alone, this warrior now known as Spawn wanders

the shadowy alleys of New York City in search of his past life.

This Issue

A Season in Hell ­ Part IV

While enemies past and present tighten their circle around him and those

he loves, Spawn is forced to face the darkest demon of all… himself.

Cogliostro reveals some startling details of the life of Al Simmons and

why he was destined from birth to become a Hellspawn. These new

revelations ­ about Simmons' family, his life, his death ­ drive Spawn

to make an unbelievable decision about his future. And Cog proves that

his own motivations in the saga have been less than selfless. Don't miss

this watershed issue in the Spawn mythos!

Recommended for readers and fans of...Seven, The Sixth Sense, Stir of Echoes, Stephen King, Clive Barker, American Gothic, and Twin Peaks.


Spawn is ™ and © Todd McFarlane Productions, 2001. All right reserved.


Top Cow Comics

(W) Dan Jurgens (P) Andy Park (I) Jonathan Sibal (C) Jonathan D. Smith

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing Monthly Series

In Stores the week of March 13th.

The Concept

One of the most popular characters in video game history, Lara Croft is

a little bit Indiana Jones, a little bit Playboy playmate, and enough

action and adventure to snare an entire generation of fans with her

continuing adventures.

This Issue

"Pieces of Zero" Part 4 of 4

The four-part "Pieces of Zero" concludes with searing, incredible drama

as Lara Croft confronts Caronne, the mysterious being known as the

Avatar. The integrity of the present is jeopardized by events in the

future, all of which is compromised even more with the unexpected return

of the enigmatic Samuel Quill! Don't miss the stunning conclusion of

Lara's greatest adventure ever!

Recommended for readers and fans of...Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Witchblade, and No Honor.


Tomb Raider, the Tomb Raider logo, Lara Croft and her likeness and Eidos

Interactive are trade marks of Eidos P.L.C. All rights reserved.


Top Cow Comics

(W) Fiona Kai Avery (P) Drew Johnson (I) Jay Leisten (C) Jonathan D. Smith

FC 32pp $2.95 12 issue finite series

In Stores the week of March 20th.

The Concept

Artifact hunter extraordinaire Lara Croft is on the adventure of a

lifetime, out to track down the Spanish Armada of 1550. Journeys is a

twelve issue adventure spanning the seven seas, full of swashbuckling

adventure like you've never seen!

This Issue

Lara Croft is about to meet her match, again. The ancient cities of

Sodom and Gomorrah have been uncovered. Unfortunately Sodom lies on

public property and Gomorrah lies on private lands; lands that will be

sold to a condominium and casino developer unless Lara can find a way to

stop that transaction from happening. Her options include an unlikely

adventure and unusual allies.

Recommended for readers and fans of...Fathom, Indiana Jones, Goonies, and Buffy.


Tomb Raider, the Tomb Raider logo, Lara Croft and her likeness and Eidos Interactive are trade marks of Eidos P.L.C. All rights reserved.


Top Cow Comics

(W) Paul Jenkins (P) Clayton Crain (I) Jonathan Glapion (C) Jonathan D. Smith

FC 32pp $2.50 Monthly Series

In Stores the week of March 6th.

The Concept

This is it ­ the rhyme and reason behind the Top Cow Universe. Examining

the connection between The Darkness, The Witchblade, and The Angelus,

Universe takes you through Hell to connect the Top Cow Universe as never before.

This Issue

Tom Judge discovers that the source of his great shame - the guy who

killed his own wife and kids after speaking with Tom in church - is

holding his family hostage for eternity in Hell. Meanwhile, the

mysterious Mr. Black continues with his nefarious plans for Hell...and

Tom Judge.

Recommended for readers and fans of...Watchmen, JLA, Planetary, and Hellboy.


Universe™ its logo and all related characters are ®,™ & © 2002 Top Cow

Productions Inc. All rights reserved.


Top Cow Comics

(W) David Wohl (P) Francis Manapul (I) D. Tron (C) Steve Firchow

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing Series

In Stores the week of March 13th.

The Concept

Police officer Sara Pezzini has come into possession of the Witchblade,

a demonic gauntlet that throws her into a world of supernatural menaces

unlike any she knew existed before. Will she control the Witchblade, or

will it control her body and soul?

This Issue

Chemistry is the key to any successful relationship, so who are we to

stand in the way? Top Cow Productions is proud to announce the return of

David Wohl!! The original co-creator and writer of Witchblade returns in

grand fashion to get the old chemistry churning once again while putting

a new spin on everyone's favorite gauntlet wielding detective!! Joining

him will be pencilling sensation and the series new ongoing artist,

Francis Manapul, along with Sara's steady mainstays, D. Tron and Steve

Firchow. Brace yourself for a new era of Witchblade as a few old friends

return, a few new ones arrive, and Sara's life is changed forever!!

Recommended for readers and fans of...Buffy, Elektra, Tomb Raider, and The Darkness.


Witchblade™ its logo and all related characters are ®,™ & © 2002 Top Cow

Productions Inc. All rights reserved.

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