Image Comics solicitations for product shipping January, 2002


by Eric Shanower

Sacrifice ­ Part 4


The story of the Trojan War continues. The Achaeans' mistaken attack on the Mysians results in lots of death on both sides, as well as sorrow and resentment. Will King Telephus of Mysia seek retribution? Or can the sons of Herakles defuse the explosive situation through diplomacy?

BW 32pp $3.50

In stores the week of January 9th.


Top Cow Comics

(w) Paul Jenkins (P/I) Kyle Hotz (C) Matt Nelson

Now that the Agency is directly in the firing line, it's up to Virtual to pull her cohorts to safety before God's Man loses his patience and kills them all. The serial killer has made good on his promises so far -- will he be able to destroy the Agency once and for all... will he even make a dent in Kerrick, and just what do you get when you cross a cyborg detective with a very large gun? The answer, of course, is "trouble."

FC 32pp $2.95

In stores the week of January 16th.


(W) Brian Haberlin (A)Jay Anacleto


A certain black ops agency has come up with the perfect operative.

She can't be caught.

And even if she is there is no way to link her to any action because she doesn't even know she's an agent.

Heck, she doesn't even look like their agent.

How do they do it? Through the magic of genetics, of course. Our agent has a genetic trigger in her head and once that is thrown she changes into a completely different woman, different hair color, fingerprints, shoe size, mind - you name it.

She was hailed as a success -that was until...well, that would be telling wouldn't it?

From RUSS MANNING AWARD WINNING ARTIST Jay (Aria) Anacleto and writer Brian (Area 52, Aria, Witchblade) Haberlin comes the next level in action and suspense. Be there from the beginning!

FC 48pp $5.95

In stores the week of January 2nd.




(W) Debbie Bishop (P) Mike S. Miller (I) Rick Ketcham & Armando Durruthy

Cover by Mike S. Miller

Episode 2 ­ Balance of Power

The adventure continues as Justin, unaware of the grave circumstances, ignores warnings and enters the forbidden domain of Atlantis. Instantly recognized as a traitor from long ago, all hell breaks loose as he fights for his life and the lives of new friends. The balance of power shifts as the Queen lures Justin into play. Kaila is forced to choose between her soulmate and the man that is like a brother to her.

FC 32pp $2.95

In stores the week of January 9th.


(W)Christina Z & Trent Kaniuga (A)Trent Kaniuga

Mark Farely IS CreeD. A child who brought to life the fantastical landscapes of his mind, is now a teen and coming to realize just how those world's came to be in the first place. At a new school, he meets Lori, a gorgeous teen who can also travel to a Dreamworld. When Mark attempts to rescue her from the atrocities of her world, it proves harder than anything he's confronted before For festering within is a secret to his past. One of unspeakable terror.

Be prepared for dragons, Lovecraftian beasts, sensual, soul sucking faeries and much more in this 4-issue, bi-monthly series.

FC 32pp $2.95

In stores the week of January 9th.


(W) Chris Sarracini (A) Jo Chen (C) Alan Wang

DarkMinds: Macropolis #1 will begin the third volume of the popular sci-fi thriller series. In this series we join Nagawa and Nakiko as they desperately try to track down a brutal serial killer unlike any other they've ever encountered. This killer's twisted plan is to include Nagawa in on his horrific rampage. Before each murder, the killer sends Nagawa information on how to stop the murder before it happens. With each demented challenge, Nagawa races against time to try and save the innocent citizen whose life hangs in the balance. And with each murder the stakes grow higher and higher. Will Nagawa make it on time or will another victim die? What is the killer's motivation? And why, of all people, has he targeted Nagawa for this sick game?

DarkMinds: Macropolis will carry its readers on a dark, winding path of murder and intrigue mixed with tender human emotion. It's packed with the non-stop action and the dark, nourish, crime-thriller roots established so richly in the original DarkMinds series by Pat Lee and Adrian Tsang.

FC 32pp $2.95

*NOTE: This issue will ship with 2 covers.

Cover A: Jo Chen

Cover B: Christina Chen

In stores the week of January 2nd.


Exclusive Stormkote Edition

Dark Minds: Macropolis # 1 is also available in a wrap-around stormkote cover by Pat Lee. Please note: This item is limited to 4,000 units only.

FC 32pp Please inquire about pricing.

In stores the week of January 2nd.


by Colleen Doran

The Avatar Liana, captive of the evil Hierarchy, must face a terrible choice: betray her allies to the enemy or see her friends tortured and executed! Facing the most difficult decision of her young life, she must use all her strength to face the inevitable battle to come: a battle between the Hierarchy and rebel forces led by the Kimarian slave, D'mer!

Stepping into his new role as Resistance leader, D'mer rises from the ashes of defeat to wage a campaign of fiery vengeance against the Hierarchy and their forces. A secret faction among Resistance allies confronts the enemy with a universally dreaded weapon. Only a few issues remain in this series as we build to an unbelievable climax!

This special issue features a DOUBLE SIZED lead tale!

Also featuring another incredibly hilarious story by that master of sarcasm Steve Darnall! Last issue's "A Day in the Life" was funny...this issue's A Distant Soil spoof is even funnier. Check out another slice of Darnall's wickedly humorous take on our tale!

Also, another look at the popular A Distant Soil Data File feature as well as more sketchbook peeks and behind the scenes info!

BW 64pp $4.95

In stores the week of January 30th.

Don't forget to check out our graphic novel collections: A Distant Soil Volume I: The Gathering, A Distant Soil Volume II: The Ascendant, and A Distant Soil Volume III: The Aria! All available from Diamond Comic Distributors!


by Dean Motter

Cover by Paul (Mister X, Batman Beyond) Rivoche

Who is the enigmatic bald, blind architect of Electropolis and does he hold the key to the mystery of the Onyx Astrolabe? Will he reveal it to Menlo Park? And will the retired daredevils of the Brave New Worlds Fair respond to Anesta Robbin's plea to, at last, solve the murder of her late employer and the secret of the Diogenes Tower?

And just what ACTUALLY happened to Tess LaCoyle?

Just some of the questions posed in the fourth chapter of the six- part story: THE INFERNAL MACHINE.

FC 32pp $2.95

In stores the week of January 9th.

FATHOM #13 (res)

Top Cow Comics

(W&P) Michael Turner (co-W) Bill O'Neil (I) Jonathan Sibal (C) Jonathan D. Smith

The most celebrated crossover event of the new millennium continues as Michael Turner's Fathom joins forces with Witchblade and Tomb Raider to confront a menace in which even their combined might not be enough to defeat! Why does this unknown race have it in for everyone's favorite underwater heroine, and how does Sara and Lara fit into all of this? Grab hold and find out as Michael Turner and Bill O'Neil take you on a ride like none other and show just why they are the rulers of the ocean kingdom!

FC 32pp $2.50

In stores the week of January 23rd.

This is a re-solicitation. All previous orders are cancelled.


Minotaur Press

* Greg Rucka (P) Matthew Clark (I) Ray Snyder

Part 3 of 3

It's taken the Felon three years, but now she's about to the close the books on the job that put her away in this, the conclusion of the first-story arc. But collecting her money and closing the books on the past may be more costly than just turning around and walking away. Especially when one of her former partners is more concerned with how the Felon can help him make a new score, instead of helping her to settle an old one.

FC 32pp $2.95

In stores the week of January 23rd.

G.I.JOE #3

(W) Josh Blaylock (P) Steve Kurth (I) John Larter (C) Hi-Fi (Cover) J. Scott Campbell

Reinstated: Part Three

While SNAKE-EYES and SCARLETT fight to stay alive in DESTRO'S custody, HAWK, DUKE, and the rest of the Joes organize their plan of action. Cobra's strike begins, and many Joes will feel the effects.

This issue definitely HAS IT ALL: action, the return of an old friend... and a truly SHOCKING revelation! No exagerration.

Don't miss out on one of the biggest series in YEARS!

Once again with front and back covers by J. Scott Campbell and David Beck.

FC 32pp $2.95

In stores the week of January 2nd.


McFarlane Toys

Item #12231

This legendary metal mascot has graced Iron Maiden's album covers since the beginning. This figure is based on the cover art of Maiden's classic 1981 album Killers. Includes custom base and ax.

This item ships 6 per case. Please inquire about pricing.



Top Cow Comics

(W) Wohl/Silvestri, (P) Marc Silvestri (I) Batt, (C) Steve Firchow

As the world reels from relentless assaults by the denizens of Hell, Joe Dante and his team of newly freed convicts begin their voyage into the netherworld. Unfortunately, not just anyone can make it through Hell's ebon gates--you need to be headed there anyway. And that's bad news for one unlucky member of the team!!! But after Dante and his remaining teammates make it in there, they quickly realize that getting killed on the way in may have been the BETTER alternative...

FC 32pp $2.50

In stores the week of January 30th.


McFarlane Toys

Item #70300

Our second line of professional hockey action figures licensed by both the NHL and the NHLPA. Each player comes in the appropriate team uniform with official logos and all his correct equipment. Each includes base; goalies have nets.

* Joe Thornton, center, Boston Bruins

* Tommy Salo, goaltender, Edmonton Oilers

* Chris Pronger, defenseman, St. Louis Blues

* Brett Hull, right wing, Dallas Stars

* Evgeni Nabokov, goaltender, San Jose Sharks

* Mario Lemieux, center, Pittsburgh Penguins

This item ships 12 per case, no guarantee of mix. Please inquire about pricing.


NHL Series 1

McFarlane's Sports Picks


McFarlane Toys

Item # 70120

Don't miss out on the new standard in sports action figures. McFarlane Toys' first line of professional hockey action figures is licensed by both the NHL and the NHLPA. Each player comes in the appropriate team uniform with official logos and all his correct equipment. Each includes base; goalies have nets.

Jose Theodore, Montreal Canadiens Martin Brodeur, New Jersey Devils Peter Forsberg, Colorado Avalanche John LeClair, Philadelphia Flyers Mats Sundin, Toronto Maple Leafs Ed Belfour, Dallas Stars

This item ships 12 per case.

Please Inquire about pricing.


(w) Jay Faerber (p) Patrick Gleason & Amanda Conner (i) John Wycough & Jimmy Palmiotti

Two stories in every issue!

When she marries into the illustrious Noble family, average girl Liz Donnelly gets to see a side of the world's greatest super-heroes that few others know exists. Behind the glamour and wonder lie dark secrets, ruthless ambition, and twisted desires. Liz's marriage to the super-fast Race Noble is the impetus for change in the lives of a number of Nobles, as Icarus displays a jealously no robot should possess; the teen hearthrob Zephyr receives news that will change her life forever; and Liz gets a glimpse as to just how far her new sister-in-law, the devious Celeste, will go to protect her favored status within the family.

BONUS 8-PAGE BACK-UP STORY, with art by Amanda Conner (Gate Crasher) & Jimmy Palmiotti. (Punisher).

The year is 1977, and Gaia's plan to keep secret her pregnancy with Race goes awry when she goes into premature labor, which shatters the illusion spell she'd been wearing for months. Making matters worse, the person she most hoped to hide her news from is the only person on-hand to assist -- her estranged husband, Doc!

FC 32pp $2.95

In stores the week of January 16th.


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Mike Avon Oeming



One of the most powerful superheroes in the world is wanted for murder! Wanted, and on the lam.

And hey, if a big time superhero like Boogiegirl doesn't want to be

captured by the police- she won't be captured by the police. So now

Walker and Deena have to roll up their sleeves and come up with a way to

make her come to them.

It's cops and capes like you have NEVER seen them in the surprise hit of

the year from super hot comic writer and EISNER award winner Brian

Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spiderman titles, Daredevil, alias) and full

color, art deco comic artist Mike Avon Oeming (Bluntman & Chronic,

Hammer of the Gods)

FC 32pp $2.95

In stores the week of January 30th.

SAM & TWITCH #27 (res.)

Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Steve Niles (P) Paul Lee (I) Paul Lee (Cover) Ashley Wood

"Cops & Robbers"

Everyone has a secret they keep from their friends, their loved ones,

even their partners. Detective Sam Burke's secret weighs on his

shoulders and spirit 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

Burke's secret is a ghost. A phantom of regret, bad choices and a life

that should have, could have, been better. Now, after years of

avoidance, Sam's ghost has come home.

Sam and Twitch #27: Cops & Robbers is a stand-alone story written by Steve Niles (Spawn, Spawn: The Dark Ages) with art by special guest artist Paul Lee (The Crow).

FC 32pp $2.50

In stores the week of January 23rd.

This is a re-solicitation. All previous orders are cancelled.


by Erik Larsen

THE EPIC CONCLUSION! The Battle between the Dragon and Sebastian Khan ends

the only way it could! For nearly two years readers have witnessed the

power and savagery of a world under control by the most powerful man

alive and the epic struggle one man has fought to reclaim the planet!

It all ends here! The concluding chapter of a Four-part arc that

redefines the very world in which the Dragon lives! Reclaim the Earth!

It's more mind-blowing than you can image!! As always, this issue of

Savage Dragon is COMPLETELY accessible to old and new readers! Savage

Dragon comes with our Highest Possible Recommendation!

FC 32pp $2.95

In stores the week of January 23rd.


by Erik Larsen

Savage Dragon is the most cutting edge mainstream superhero comic ever created.

In this very first story arc, we meet Officer Dragon, a brand new cop in

a Chicago overrun with super freaks and crime lords. Creator Erik Larsen

takes big risks with storytelling, characterization, and plot, infusing

this series with violence, sex, and humor in a way previously unseen in

the genre. He takes liberties no other creator can, and will surprise

you at every turn.



miniseries that started it all with all the bonus pages from the first

paperback, plus all the new pages from The Dragon miniseries! All this

and more under a spectacular new cover!

FC 160pp $14.95

In stores the week of January 16th.

This is a re-solicitation. All previous orders are cancelled.

SPAWN #118

Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Todd McFarlane & Brian Holguin (P) Angel Medina (I) Danny Miki (Cover) Greg Capullo

"A Season in Hell" part 2

The forces of both Heaven and Hell once again exert their pull on Spawn.

Cog, Spawn's one-time mentor, has brought disturbing news: By abandoning

the throne of Hell, Spawn has set up a power play, with many forces

trying to claim the vacant throne as their own. Cog sets Spawn out on a

personal quest that will test the very heart of him, and bring him face

to face with key allies and enemies from his past. But with so much at

stake, can anyone ­ even Cog ­ be trusted?

FC 32pp $2.50

In stores the week of January 30th.


McFarlane Toys

Item #11250

Spawn Series 21: Alternate Realities features six wildly unique

interpretations of the core Spawn character (five blister-packed figures

and one deluxe boxed figure). Some are comic book based, other based in

the imagination of Todd McFarlane himself. All are detailed and

articulated to the extreme.

* Alien Spawn II, originally sculpted in Spawn Series 6

* Pirate Spawn, inspired by Angela comic mini-series

* Raven Spawn, based on the Hellspawn comic book

* Wings of Redemption Spawn, based on Spawn comic book cover #77

* She-Spawn II, originally sculpted in Spawn Series 4

This item ships 12 per case, no guarantee of mix. Please inquire about pricing



McFarlane Toys

Item #11242

A unique vision of the darkness that is the Hellspawn. This deluxe boxed set from Series 21 is based on artwork from the Spawn monthly comic, #83. Includes fully articulated action figure, massive throne, skull and rats.

This item ships 6 per case. Please inquire about pricing



Top Cow Comics

(W) Dan Jurgens, (P) Andy Park, (I) Jonathan Sibal, (C) Jonathan D. Smith

The four-part "Pieces of Zero" kicks into high gear as Lara Croft

suddenly realizes that it's no longer matters of history which consume

her, but matters of the future. Is it possible for the world of

tomorrow to be unraveled by a single object left here by a time

traveler? Lara races against the ultimate clock--infinity itself--as

she finally comes face to face with the incredibly beautiful and

mysterious Caronne!

FC 32pp $2.50

In stores the week of January 16th.


Top Cow Comics

(W) Dan Jurgens (P) Andy Park (I) Jonathan Sibal (C) Jonathan D. Smith

Top Cow and CGC (Comics Guaranty LLC) have joined forces to create what

will soon be one of the most sought after collectible series around, the

Top Cow Signed Series Collection. A special number of highly graded

select Top Cow comics, signed, graded and distinctly labeled, all being

limited to 100 copies or less. The original first printing of Tomb

Raider #1 kicks off this incredible collection with a strictly graded

run of 9.4 or higher, signed by series artist Andy Park and Jonathan

Sibal, and limited to graded run of only 50 copies! With more classic

and hard to find issues from the Top Cow vault being added to future

editions of the collection, you'll want to make sure you secure your

Tomb Raider #1 CGC Top Cow Signed Series Edition today!

FC 32pp Please inquire about pricing.

Retailer note: All orders for the graded Tomb Raider #1 CGC Top Cow

Signed Series Editions by Andy Park and Jonathan Sibal will be filled

randomly with grades ranging from 9.4 to 9.8. This edition is strictly

limited to only 50 pieces, allocations may occur.


Top Cow Comics

Now you can take Top Cow with you everywhere you go!! The new Top Cow

Ultra-Fit Logo Hat in solid black not only goes with every outfit

imaginable, it's crafted of the highest quality fabric and material to

last! Plus, Ultra-Fit ensures a perfect fitting hat every time!!

Quantities are highly limited and these won't last long, so make sure to

pick up your Top Cow Ultra-Fit Logo Hat today!!

Sizes: M, L Please inquire about pricing.


(W) Chris Sarracini (P)Pat Lee & James Raiz (I) Rob Armstrong (C) Dreamwave Colors

The battle for freedom continues in this essential WARLANDS: AGE OF ICE

attachment story. The heartless Ryotians continue to hoard the natural

resources necessary for survival in frozen-over Warlands. Yet still the

peasant rebel armies continue to fight. As is revealed in this issue,

somewhere in Warlands, in a location known only by the rebels, a small

peasant village is secretly manufacturing weapons for the rebel cause.

The Ryotians will stop at nothing to discover the whereabouts of that

village and have hired a merciless enforcer to get this information, by

any means necessary. Who is this mysterious enforcer? Will the rebels

be strong enough to resist him? WARLANDS: AGE OF ICE #0 will begin to

answer these vital questions.

FC 24pp $2.50

In stores the week of January 16th.

WARLANDS: AGE OF ICE #0 is the first of a two-part story that concludes

in WARLANDS: AGE OF ICE #1/2. The covers of both issues will join

together to create one lavish double-splash page action scene.

WITCHBLADE #53 (res.)

Top Cow Comics

(W) Paul Jenkins, (P) Brian Ching, (I) D-Tron, (C) Steve Firchow

How does a seasoned NYPD detective explain to her superiors that demons

and ghouls are loose on Earth? Sara Pezzini investigates a

murder/suicide in the fashionable end of town, which may be tied to

recent upheavals in the netherworld, but her bosses are beginning to

lose patience with her approach and conclusions. Will this be the end

of her career as a detective?

FC 32pp $2.50

In stores the week of January 2nd.

This is a re-solicitation. All previous orders are cancelled.


Top Cow Comics

Here's your opportunity to wear the Witchblade!! The new Witchblade

Ultra-Fit Logo Hat in solid black not only goes with every outfit

imaginable, it's crafted of the highest quality fabric and material to

last! Plus, Ultra-Fit ensures a perfect fitting hat every time!!

Quantities are highly limited and these won't last long, so make sure to

pick up your Witchblade Ultra-Fit Logo Hat today!!

Sizes: M, L Please inquire about pricing.

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