Image Comics solicitations for product shipping December, 2001


(W) Brian Holguin (A) Jay Anacleto

Pass through the veil of twilight to visit the fantastic world of ARIA, a world where fairy princesses and creatures of ancient myth walk unnoticed through the streets of our modern world. Featuring four magical, unforgettable tales, woven together into a single, magnificent tapestry, this special stand-alone edition provides glimpses into the secret lives of Lady Kildare, Pug, Ondine and others as you've never seen them before.

This collection is an ideal primer for readers new to the series, and a welcome addition for long-time fans.

A mix of story and art, prose and pictures, ARIA: A Midwinter's Dream features ALL NEW art by superstar illustrator JAY ANACLETO. Not to be missed.

FC 40pp $4.95

ALSO: Still available: The Magic of Aria trade paperback or special edition hardcover, collecting the original, awarding series, plus hard-to-find extras and sketchbook material.


(W) Adrian Tsang (A) Alvin Lee & James Raiz

Years after the defeat of the Dataran Horde, a bloody vampiric civil war erupts as the survivors of a defeated enemy fight for both power and survival. In the midst of this struggle, a lone vampire unexpectedly finds one last chance at redemption...Set against the backdrop of the Warlands Series, Banished Knights offers an up close view of the dark enigmatic society of Datara, as seen from the eyes of it's own people as their civilization crumbles around them. In a world where every living thing is his enemy, one vampire struggles to find his own identity amidst demons from both within and without.

FC 32pp $2.95

*NOTE: This issue will ship with 2 covers.

Cover A: Alvin Lee

Cover B: Pat Lee.


Banished Knights # 1 is also available in a wrap-around holofoil cover by Alvin Lee.

Please inquire about pricing.

FC 32pp


(W) Tom Mandrake (A) Dan Mishkin

When you're nothing but a Creep, the world doesn't care if you live or die. And when Creeps of all shapes and sizes begin to disappear from the city's streets, there's no one who will lift a finger to help...except other Creeps. Creeps with special abilities. Creeps who know evil when they see it, and aren't afraid to call it by name.

Homeless and on the run, their closest friends missing or murdered, the Creeps search out a truth so terrible that even they will be horrified by it. Because Genesys Corporation has a plan for the Creeps that takes horror to a new level. It's a plan fueled by corporate greed, which sometimes creates the scariest bogeymen of all.

In this issue, you'll also meet Gurgle, the amphibian monstrosity who only wants to be loved, and Chitter, the man (or is he?) of a thousand bugs. Plus: a scene that may keep you out of the charity thrift store for good!

FC 32pp $2.95


(W) Trina Robbins (A) Anne Timmons (L) Tom Orzechowski (C) Christopher Butcher

When the three most popular girls in Lindsay's high school suddenly develop super powers, Lindsay's yesterday's news. Hey, what does it take to be a superheroine, anyway? A designer spandex costume, some super-strength -- but where do the new "Battling Babes" get their powers from? That's what Lindsay would like to find out, in issue #5 of GoGirl!, where superheroines are coming............OUT OF THE WOODWORK!

Award-winning writer Trina Robbins teams up with Eisner nominee Anne Timmons to present another issue of the comic for girls, and for boys who like them.

BW 32pp $3.50


(W) Rob Schamberger (A) Thom Thurman (I) Chad Molder

It only took one bullet for Fred to change the rest of his life. It only took one body buried out in a field for everything Fred knew to go horribly wrong. It only took one stranger who knew what Fred had done to bring true terror to America's Heartland.

It was the perfect murder, with no rhyme or reason, and no witnesses. But, if it was perfect, then no one should be following you, no one should be stalking you, and no one should be ruining your life.

Created by newcomers Rob Schamberger and Thom Thurman, The Believer is a frightening portrayal of what men can and will do.

FC 32pp $2.95




(W)Locke (A)Long Vo

"Six String Noose"

The bounty hunter Revolver has to transport a mysterious young girl for the biggest payoff in the history of the frontier. His built in hand guns are perfect for dealing with criminals, but not so great when you have to keep someone alive.

Now the only thing between Rev and six million dollars is a vast mountain range with only one way through-- A small armored mining town.

Guns are illegal in the caverns, but try telling that to a guy who has six shooters for hands. With half the town just found dead, no one is passing through the caves until they find the murderer...and the number one suspect is Revolver!

An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

Note: This issue includes a full 25 page story in full color plus a gallery of development sketches and other illustrations.

FC 32pp $2.95


This is a resolicitation. All previous orders are cancelled.


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Mike Avon Oeming



The dark side of the greatest supergroups of all time is in full view as the most public member of the group is violently murdered. The suspect list is a who's who of the most flamboyant and popular super-powered people in the city.

Ever see a superhero car chase? Well, you will!!

It's cops and capes like you have NEVER seen them in the surprise hit of

the from super hot comic writer and EISNER award winner Brian Michael

Bendis (Ultimate Spiderman titles, Daredevil, alias) and full color, art

deco comic artist Mike Avon Oeming (Blunt man and Cronic, hammer of the gods)

This issue also premiers Mike Avon Oemings new color mini series BASTARD SAMURAI - a five page preview for it's April release

FC 32pp $2.95


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Mike Avon Oeming

The long awaited sequel to one of the best selling trade paperbacks of the year.

Detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim work out of the special

homicide officers in charge of cases that involve Powers.

But this case is the most disturbing one of their careers. A group of

college kids who "role play" their favorite real life super heroes D&D

style are being murdered one by one.

Nominated for multiple eisner and harvey awards.

It's cops and capes like you have NEVER seen them in the surprise hit of

the from super hot comic writer and EISNER award winner Brian Michael

Bendis (Ultimate Spiderman, Daredevil,) and art deco comic artist Mike

Avon Oeming (Bluntman and Chronic, Hammer of the Gods.) `

This collection reprints issues 8- 11, and features an all-new section:

ANATOMY OF A COVER, plus an Oeming gallery of unused covers and art with

commentary by Bendis.

FC 112pp $13.95


(W/A) Ray & Ben Lai (C) Brian Reber

On a planet called Earth, scientists discover a mysterious force. It's thought that it would lead the human race to a new era. Six major cities throughout the globe combined their efforts in hope to understand it. However, the force grew out of control and five cities where left annihilated in its wake. Now time is running out for the remaining one. They must find a way to contain it before suffering the same fate.

The dawn of a new era in evolution… Radix.

FC 32pp $2.95

Radix is a bimonthly, 6-issue miniseries from Image comics.


This is a resolicitation. All previous orders are cancelled.


by Erik Larsen

AT LAST! The Battle you've been waiting for! The Dragon vs. CyberFace for control of this Savage World! For nearly two years readers have witnessed the power and savagery of a world under control by the most powerful man alive! Now, witness the most awe-inspiring battle of all time! Hyperbole this is not! Part Three of a Four-part arc that redefines the very planet! Reclaim the Earth! The world will never be the same!! As always, this issue of Savage Dragon is COMPLETELY accessible to old and new readers! Savage Dragon comes with our Highest Possible Recommendation!

FC 32pp $2.95

SPAWN #117

Todd McFarlane Productions

"A Season in Hell"

(W) Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin (P) Angel Medina (I) Danny Miki (C)Brian Haberlin (Cover)Greg Capullo

After more than a year in exile, Spawn's erstwhile mentor Cogliostro returns, bringing shocking news with him. The shadow of death is creeping across the Earth, and mysterious forces are choosing sides in a secret war that is far greater and far older than the war between Heaven and Hell. And while Spawn is steadfast in his desire to control his own destiny, destiny may have plans of its own.

FC 32pp $2.50


(W) Dave Chi (P) Paco Diaz (I) Dark Design Works

"Tekken Forever" is based on the #1 Fighting Game "Tekken" from Namco. The comic is just in time to be launched with the release of video game "Tekken 4".

In a power play for dominance, Kazuya returns from the burnt ashes of

death to stake his claim as head of the Zaibatsu Empire. To gain the

immortal power than he seeks, Kazuya sets a plan in motion to destroy

his father Heihachi Mishima as well as his son Jin Kazama, and to take

their power for his own.

"Tekken Forever" will also focus on the quest to learn the identity of

"Unknown", the final boss of the "Tekken Tag Tournament". This question

plus many others will all be nswered in this 4-issue limited series.

FC 32pp $2.95

Retailer Note: Tekken Forever #1 will ship with 2 different covers.

Cover A: Paco Diaz

Cover B: Roger Cruz


(W): Marv Wolfman (P) Roger Cruz (I) Dark Design Works

Everything has been leading to this powerful issue. All the Muse's secrets are at last revealed as Bishop's war on Olympus turns San Francisco into a battleground of the Gods. Olympians and Titans wage a final war and it seems that only Emma Sonnet - the 10th Muse - stands as Earth's Protector. Featuring the introduction of Orion the Hunter.


The conclusion of our first "Atlas" comedy adventure. Atlas may have been the guy who holds up the Earth in Greek mythology, but here on Earth our hapless hero is forced to share an apartment with the newest, meanest and baddest would-be super-villain of all time.Anyone with half a brain would run back home. Fortunately for us, half a brain is twice the brains that Atlas has. Super-hero action at its silliest.

FC 32pp $2.95


Top Cow Comics

(W) Fiona Avery (P) Drew Johnson (I) Jay Leisten (C)Jonathan D Smith

AVAST YE SCURVY PIGDAWGS! Chase the Dog Star with Lara Croft on the ultimate adventure atop the high seas. She'll rope the western wind and harness the moon in order to capture the most glorious, amassed treasure in the world. Join in the privateering as Lara Croft chases after the most notorious fleet in the history of the world: the Spanish Armada. Yes, we mean the Spanish Armada of 1550, and it's going to be a rollicking good time. Gentleman, prepare to be boarded. All this, surrounded in two brand new Tomb Raider covers, courtesy of artists Drew Johnson and Adam Hughes!!! Don't miss out!!

FC 32pp $2.95

Retailer note: Tomb Raider: Journeys #1 will ship with two different covers

Cover A: Drew Johnson

Cover B: Adam Hughes


Top Cow Comics

(w) Paul Jenkins (P) Clayton Crain (I) Jonathan Glapion (C) JD Smith

Tom Judge is a simple man, with simple designs on the world and simple human frailties... who just happens to have been given the task of

deciding the fate of mankind. Now that Tom knows his place in creation

(and just as soon as his brain recovers), he's going to have to come up

with a plan. But how do you plan for a road trip through Hell, and

exactly how do you bring a half-ton transmogrifying rapture beast under

control... especially if the creature is half an hour older than

creation itself?

FC 32pp $2.50


(W) Adrian Tsang (P) Pat Lee (I) Rob Armstrong

Safely away from the Ryotian mines, Aragorn reveals a plan to Zeph and his companions that he believes will result in the complete restoration

of Warland's ecosystem. Unfortunately, it's going to take every ounce of

magic Zeph has at his command to accomplish his goal, but in doing so,

he may very well doom himself to a fate worse than death, as the use of

their magic is the very thing that will allow the nameless ones to find


FC 32pp $2.95

Vengeance is a Family Business in Ed Brisson's Ghost Rider

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