Image Comics Solicitations for product shipping April, 2002


(W) Darren G. Davis (A) Roger Cruz (Cover) Roger Cruz

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing bi-monthly series

In stores the week of April 24th.

The Concept

A lone hero sets forth to seek out justice. Emma Sonnett is the title

character in this saga, district attorney by day and the Muse by night.

Greek Mythology set in the modern day world.

This Issue

"The Endgame"

All is back to normal in the DA's office and Emma has a moment to

breathe, or at least she thinks she does. She is working on a case that

she has a moral dilemma with. Just when she thought that she can have a

night's sleep, a new group of super villains are making their presence

known in San Francisco. "The Endgame" plays the Muse to her limits. She

must juggle all of this including having her parents stop by for the



Part II of the Orion the Hunter solo story. His hunt for Medusa is at a

dead end. Very dead. Written by Scott Davis and penciled by Deon Nuckols.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

JLA, Avengers, Elektra, Witchblade, and Tomb Raider


10th Muse is ™ and © Darren G. Davis 2002. All right reserved.


(W) Brian Haberlin (A) Jay Anacleto

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing bi-monthly series

In stores the week of April 10th.

The Concept

A certain black ops agency has come up with the perfect operative. She

can't be caught.

And even if she is, there is no way to link her to any action, because

she doesn't even know she's an agent. Heck, she doesn't even look like

their agent. How do they do it? Through the magic of genetics, of

course. Our agent has a genetic trigger in her head and once that is

thrown she changes into a completely different woman, different hair

color, fingerprints, shoe size, mind - you name it.

This Issue

Witness a life out of balance. Gwen Morse is a member of the

globetrotting elite, moving from one gala to the next. She's the

paparazzo's darling ­ traveling to the most exotic locations, dining on

the finest food, rubbing elbows with the biggest celebrities…one would

think Gwen had the perfect life. But being a trendsetter is,

well…boring ­ at least to Gwen. She dreams of another life, one where

she's an international spy. The danger…the intrigue.

But, as they say, be careful what you wish for. Because what she

doesn't know is…well, that would be telling.

Be there from the beginning of this high-tech action adventure. From

Russ Manning Award-winning artist Jay Anacleto and writer/co-creator of

Aria and Witchblade, Brian Haberlin.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Alex Ross, Jay Anacleto, Bond films, Alias, and Le Femme Nikita


ATHENA INC. is ™ and © Brian Haberlin, 2002. All rights reserved.


(W) Mike Oeming & Miles Gunter (A) Kelsey Shannon (I) Mike Oeming (Cover) Kelsey Shannon

FC 32pp $2.95 Bi-monthly 3 issue finite series

In stores the week of April 10th.

The Concept

Bastard Samurai takes place in present-day Manhattan and focuses on

Jiro, a killer at the top of his class at the Kozu sword school. The

underground training camp in midtown takes in orphans and twists them

into Bushido warriors. The Yakuza stage death matches across the city

rooftops where Japanese businessmen gamble heavily on the always-fatal

outcome. The story is produced and overseen by Powers co-creator

Michael Avon Oeming, who introduces newcomers Miles Gunter (Vertigo's

Weird War Tales) and animator Kelsey Shannon, who worked on Jimmy

Neutron: Boy Genius. Each issue includes a five-page backup drawn fully

by Oeming.

This Issue

Jiro's status allows him the best that Manhattan offers, but he is

forever on the tight leash of his superiors: always followed, always

watched. The killing life is all he has ever known, but a rendezvous

with fate is about to change all that. With graduation in sight, Jiro

experiences a vision while meditating that sets a sequence of events in

motion that will take him beyond his own limits- and change him forever.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Fight Club, Powers, Blade of the Immortal, and 100 Bullets.


Bastard Samurai is ™ and © Mike Oeming and Kelsey Shannon, 2002. All

rights reserved.


Top Cow Comics

(W) Kerri Hawkins

B/W 304pp $6.95 One-shot prose novel

In stores the week of April 24th.


Dr. Susan Ryerson, a young doctor at the forefront of genetic research,

stumbles across an unconscious woman with mortal injuries. But

impossibly, the woman returns to life, and Dr. Ryerson discovers that

she has crossed paths with something that is more than human. Ryan

Alexander, her enigmatic patient, possesses extraordinary capabilities,

an inconceivable anatomy, and a devastating charisma. She draws Susan

into a violent and erotic world that places both the doctor and her

young son in danger. Ryan, through her vivid dreams and through the

memories of the others, relives her six centuries of life, all the while

knowing that history is accelerating to catch up with her. And Susan

can only wonder what one so powerful could possibly be afraid of...BLOOD

LEGACY. Six centuries of questions that only the novel can answer.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Anne Rice, Buffy, and Blade.

Offered again:

Blood Legacy: The Complete Set

Blood Legacy: The Complete Set - Signed


Blood Legacy™ , its logo and all related characters are ™& © 2002 Top Cow Productions Inc. All rights reserved.


(W) Douglass Barré and Joey Lee (A) Kano Kang and Zack Suh (Cover) Kano Kang and Zack Suh

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing bi-monthly series

In stores the week of April 3rd.

The Concept

The Devil has a plan to take over the Earth. Hell's original tenants

have a plan to reclaim the inferno. One man holds the key to victory for

either side...and all he wants is a plate of scrambled eggs. Instead,

he's got a message to deliver that he can't remember and allies who

can't find him! This epic science-horror thriller follows Earth's last

hope to avoid infernal domination. There's only one way out of a no-win

situation...and that's Defiance!

This Issue

"The Messenger" Part Two of Four

The federal mayor of New York is working for Hell, and now the Devil's

got a job for him: kill the Messenger. Can Ivan still find out why he

was raised from the dead while running from both the National Guard and

swarms of hellborn demons? And why is the only person who can save him

the strange little girl in the ragged dress? All this...and Lym engages

in political debate with a bum!

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Spawn, Red Star, Midnight Nation, and white fudge covered Oreos.


Defiance is ™ and © Powerhouse, Inc., 2002. All rights reserved.


Top Cow Comics

(W) Michael Turner and Bill O'Neil (P) Michael Turner (I) Jonathan Sibal (C) Peter Steigerwald

FC 32pp $2.50 ongoing series

Note: This issue will ship with a 1 in 25 alternate cover by Michael Turner.

Attention Retailers: See order form for incentive program.

In stores the week of April 24th.

The Concept

There are two worlds. The one we know, and the one below. Aspen Matthews

was a marine biologist who, in a failed experiment, discovered that she

is actually a water nymph, able to live and thrive beneath the water.

This Issue

While Aspen tangled with Vana, events set in motion by Killian's Blue

Sun have begun to take shape. Chance's "unauthorized absence" is over.

The Admiral has laid groundwork for his revenge on the Water People.

Cannon, reeling from his encounter with Vana, leads Aspen to the city of

her birth. And fifty-year fallout from the formation of the Dissidents

will damage Aspen in ways she never could've expected. Yes, it's the

beginning of The Next Big Arc.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Buffy, Elektra, Tomb Raider, and The Darkness.


Fathom™ its logo and all related characters are ®,™ & © 2002 Top Cow Productions Inc. All rights reserved.

G.I. JOE #5

(W) Josh Blaylock (A) Eric Hanson (I) John Larter (Cover) Steve Kurth

FC 32pp $2.95 Now Monthly

In stores the week of April 3rd.

The Concept

G.I. Joe is the code name for America's daring, highly trained, special

mission force. Its mission, to defend human freedom against Cobra, a

ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world!

This Issue

This Issue takes place BEFORE the events of issue one and finally gives

us a glimpse into the super-spy life of Duke before reinstating the Joe

team. Better yet, this overseas adventure pits the Joe Sergeant against

Cobra's most ruthless British mercenary, Major Bludd. Retailers, this is

a stand-alone issue and a great jumping-on point for readers who missed

the first story arc. Fill-in artist Eric Hanson (Tellos) takes the

reigns while Steve Kurth does the cover.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

G.I. Joe is a sure win with anyone into high adventure, military action,

and more. It's an action story that plots the U.S. military against a

team of near-super villains, and a great nostalgia kick to boot. For

fans of the old Joe toon and comics, Danger Girl, Behind Enemy Lines,

and Rainbow Six


G.I. Joe is ™ and © Hasbro, Inc, 2002. All right reserved.


(W) Scott Wherle (A) Steve Kurth, Josh Blaylock, Eric Hanson, Mike Norton, Tim Seeley (I) Barb Schulz and John Larter (Cover) David Beck

FC 48pp Prestige format $5.95 Bi-monthly 3-issue finite series

In stores the week of April 17th.

The Concept

G.I. Joe Battle Files is a three issue "who's who" style mini-series

focusing on the members of the Joe and Cobra teams, as well as their

vehicles. If the success of the G.I. Joe Convention Special is any

indication, expect fans to love this book. Issue one focuses on the

Joes, issue two on Cobra, and issue three on vehicles and tech gear.

Full of information on each character, including updated ranks and bios.

This Issue

Atten-hut! It's everything you ever wanted to know about America's

elite fighting force as the first issue of Battle Files kicks off with a

focus on the Joes themselves. From your old favorites to the new blood,

this is an invaluable resource for any G.I. Joe fan.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

G.I. Joe is a sure win with anyone into high adventure, military action,

and more. It's an action story that plots the U.S. military against a

team of near-super villains, and a great nostalgia kick to boot. For

fans of the old Joe toon and comics, D.C.'s Who's Who, and Marvel Universe.


G.I. Joe is ™ and © Hasbro, Inc, 2002. All right reserved.


(W) Benjamin Raab (A) Pat Quinn (I) John Lowe & Mostafa Moussa (Cover) Pat Quinn

FC 32pp $2.95 One-Shot

In stores the week of April 3rd.

The Concept

CRYPTOPIA is the story of Dr. Shannon Palmer…a cryptozoologist whose

insatiable quest for hidden species jeopardizes her work, her

colleagues, and her the last remaining vestiges of her self-respect.

It's a high-adventure parable about the fine line dividing Man and

Beast…the dark parallels between us and the creatures with which we

share our world…and the tragic realization that all that really sets us

apart from the animal kingdom are a pair of opposable thumbs.

This Issue

Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster. Yetis. Chupacabras. To most people,

these bizarre creatures are the stuff of myths, legends and hoaxes. But

to Dr. Shannon Palmer and her crack team of cryptozoologists, they're as

real as any animal in the zoo. And they're gonna prove it by embarking

upon an expedition to the mysterious island where these hidden species

dwell. A trip that's certain to change their lives and careers forever.

IF they survive...

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and The Usual Suspects.


Cryptopia is ™ and © Benjamin Raab and Pat Quinn, 2002. All rights reserved.


Hardcover Edition

(W) David Mack (A) Rick Mays (Cover) David Mack

BW 256pp $29.95 Hardcover


Signed & numbered with original SKETCH! Limited to 500 copies.

BW 256pp $59.95 Hardcover

Both in stores the week of April 17th.

The Concept

Growing up in the subcultures of urban Japan, a young

woman journeys through the underworlds of organized

crime, secret societies, government operatives,

awkward friendships, and young romance.

A mix of crime fiction and personal duality elegantly

told through the masks and metaphors of Japanese


This Issue

Kabuki:Scarab (collecting Kabuki Agents: Scarab #1-8) picks up right

where Kabuki Vol 5: Metamorphosis left off and answers all the mysteries

left dangling from that series. And Scarab is still a self-contained

story, so even new readers can start with it.

More than the original issues, this handsome 256 page archival hardcover

includes a gallery of covers (including the Quesada variant), new pin

ups, sketches and character designs, embossed cover, a brand new dust

jacket painting by David Mack, and an insightful introduction by Paul


A trade paperback edition will not be offered before October 2002!

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Japanese crime fiction, Manga, Sandman, and David Mack's Daredevil.


Kabuki is ™ and © David Mack, 2002. All rights reserved.


McFarlane Toys

Item #40120

McFarlane mines the mother lode of horror with incredible results. We've

put our own twist on a series of classic monsters to create what will

surely rank as one of the eeriest action figure lines of 2002.

* Sea Creature

* Mummy

* Voodoo Queen

* Dracula

* Frankenstein

* Werewolf

This item ships 12 per case, no guarantee of mix.

Please inquire about pricing.



Joe's Comics

(W) J. Michael Straczynski (P) Gary Frank (I) Jonathan Sibal (C) Matt Milla

FC 32pp $2.50 A 12 issue finite series

In stores the week of April 24th.

This is a resolicitation. All previous orders are cancelled.

The Concept

Detective David Grey is a man "in-between." His soul does not belong to

him anymore, but he plans on getting it back if it's the last thing he

ever does. That in mind, he sets out on a quest for his eternal self,

searching the darkest recesses of America to find that which will make

him whole again.

This Issue

The battle is coming to a head. Will David Grey keep his soul AND be

able to save the life of Laurel? The end of their journey is here and

all of their hopes and dreams rely on the outcome of this last test.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Rising Stars, Babylon 5, Starman, Transmetropolitain, and No Honor.


Midnight Nation™ , Joe's Comics™, their logos and all related characters

are ™& © 2002 J. Michael Straczynski and Top Cow Productions Inc. All

rights reserved.


Top Cow Comics

(W) Dan Jolley, (P) Tony Harris, (I) Ray Snyder (C) Matt Hollingsworth

FC 192pp $19.95 Trade Paperback

In stores the week of April 10th.

The Concept

Intercutting the six-issue "Ragnarok Highway" miniseries with the

flashbacks of "The Empty Locket" special, "Obergeist: Directors' Cut"

presents the full story of Jürgen Steinholtz - and features a crucial

scene present in neither the mini nor the one-shot. With half-tone

colors added to previously black-and-white art and an introduction by

Bruce Campbell, get the full story here for the first time.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Spawn, Starman, Hellboy, Death, Preacher, and 12 Monkeys.


Obergeist, its logo an all related characters are ™ & © 2002 Tony

Harris, Dan Jolley and Top Cow Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Mike Avon Oeming

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing Monthly Series

In stores the week of April 17th.

The Concept

Heroes glide through the sky on lightning bolts and fire. Flamboyant

villains attempt daring daylight robberies. God-like alien creatures

clash in epic battle over the nighttime sky. And on the dirty city

streets below, Homicide Detective Christian Walker does his job.

Walker is teamed up with spunky rookie Detective Deena Pilgrim to

investigate murders specific to superhero cases. investigations that

takes them from the seediest underbelly a city has to offer, to the

gleaming towers that are home to immortal beings.

It's cops and capes like you have NEVER seen them in the surprise hit of

from super hot comic writer and EISNER award winning team of Brian

Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man titles, Daredevil, Alias) and full

color, art deco comic artist Mike Avon Oeming (Bluntman and Chronic,

Hammer of the Gods).

This Issue


One of the greatest supergroups in the world has been virtually

destroyed in front of the world. But the fallout for walker and Deena is

much more personal than they ever thought it would be.

An issue that will change Powers forever.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Alias, Ultimate Spiderman, Bluntman & Chronic, and Daredevil.


Powers is ™ and © Jinxworld. inc, 2002. All right reserved.


(W/A) Ray & Ben Lai, Brian Reber

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing bi-monthly series

In stores the week of April 3rd.

The Concept

In a society where technological advancement allows the human race to

live in utopia, a secret exists that will change its existence forever.

The inhabitants' only memory is of the past three years, yet no one

seems to care or want to find out what occurred before then. Four

would-be heroes will have to forge an alliance to solve the mysteries of

their world, their pasts and their powers.

This Issue

Val continues on her journey to unravel the mystery behind her visions.

During a covert rescue operation, Val runs into an old acquaintance who

holds answers about their past together and about Radix. Can she trust

her old ally? Is he there to help her or does he have an ulterior

motive? Find out in this EXCITING third installment of Radix!

Recommended for readers and fans of...

X-men, The Matrix, Terminator, Aliens, and Metal Gear Solid.


Radix is ™ and © Ray and Ben Lai, 2002. All right reserved.


One of the most exciting comics in recent memory is being offered again

in limited quantities. Get into this noirish detective book ­ featuring

writer Brian Michael Bendis ­ before it gets into you.

Sam and Twitch #14

This special one-shot ­ Dumb Laws and Eggs ­ features a humorous and

intriguing story by writer Brian Michael Bendis and special art by No

Honor and Universe artist Clayton Crain.

FC 32pp $2.50

Sam and Twitch #15

First issue of the thrilling Bounty Hunter Wars story arc,

guest-starring Brian Michael Bendis' character Jinx. This arc is a real

turning point for Sam and Twitch and features the work of hard-hitting

new artist Alex Maleev.

FC 32pp $2.50

Sam and Twitch #16 -- #19

Parts 2 through 5 of the five-part Bounty Hunter Wars story arc are a

must-have for any fan of noirish crime fiction. Features a compelling

Bendis story and great art by Alex Maleev. And Bendis' character Jinx

guest-stars in a central role.

FC 32pp $2.50 each


by Erik Larsen

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of April 17th.

The Concept

The planet Earth has gone through a startling transformation! The domino

effect caused by the death of a deadly time-traveling foe has forever

changed the world the Dragon lives in! Trapped in this savage world, the

former police officer must cope with the strange new earth he

unwittingly created and try to repair the damage he's caused! It ain't a

walk in the park, Bunky!

This Issue

A rift has been opened in time and space and the Savage Dragon returns

to the world he left behind! But having spent years in the ravaged

Savage World, how has this world progressed without him? What startling

changes have taken place during his absence? And who has taken his

place? The answers will shock and confound you! The startling saga that

leads up to the record setting 100th issue continues! Makes sliced bread

look pretty stale! No joke! Not for sissies! Savage Dragon comes with

our Highest Possible Recommendation!

Recommended for readers and fans of...

All those wonderful Harry Potter books. C'mon! I know you're out there!

Give ol' Dragon a gander! You won't be sorry.


Savage Dragon ® and © Erik Larsen, 2002. All right reserved.

SPAWN #121

Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Brian Holguin and Todd McFarlane (P) Angel Medina (I) Danny Miki (Cover) Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of April 24th.

The Concept

Al Simmons, once the U.S. government's greatest soldier and most

effective assassin, was mercilessly executed by his own men. Resurrected

from the ashes of his own grave in a flawed agreement with the powers of

darkness, Simmons is reborn as a creature from the depths of Hell.

Disfigured, homeless and alone, this warrior now known as Spawn wanders

the shadowy alleys of New York City in search of his past life.

This Issue

"The Devil His Due"

Everything's changed now. Spawn has faced his darkest moment since

returning to Earth and he's barely come through. Betrayed by those he

trusted most, stunned by secrets of his life as Al Simmons, stripped of

his Hell-borne legacy, Spawn is reduced to a mere shadow of himself. And

the ordeal keeps getting worse. The Usurper of the Throne of Hell has

plans of his own for the errant Hellspawn. Caught amid this storm of

lies and intrigue, battered from every side, the Spawn now has only one goal: to survive.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Seven, The Sixth Sense, Stir of Echoes, Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Twin Peaks


Spawn is ™ and © Todd McFarlane Productions, 2002. All right reserved.


(W) Dave Chi (A) Paco Diaz (I) Dark Design Works

FC 32pp $2.95 4 issue bi-monthly finite series

In stores the week of April 10th.

The Concept

Tekken Forever is based on the #1 fighting game Tekken from Namco.

This Issue

The Iron Fist Tournament has finally begun, and friends, along with

bitter enemies, clash to shape it's outcome. 1st round matches places

Paul Phoenix against King the 2nd, Forrest Law against Eddy Gordo and

Jin Kazama up against Hwoarang in an all or nothing match to see who is

worthy to face Heihachi Mishima. But the mysterious fighter, Unknown,

and the God of Fight (Toshin), have other plans for the competitors.

Recommended for readers and fans of...

X-men & Tomb Raider


Tekken is ™ and © Namco 2002. All right reserved.


Top Cow Comics

(W) John Ney Reiber (P) Randy Green (I) Jonathan Sibal (C) Jonathan Smith

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing Monthly series

Attention Retailers: See order for incentive program.

In stores the week of April 17th.

The Concept

One of the most popular characters in video game history, Lara Croft, is

a little bit Indiana Jones, a little bit Playboy playmate, and enough

action and adventure to snare an entire generation of fans with her

continuing adventures.

This Issue

Follow Lara high in Tibet to the Taktsang Ravine where she searches for

the Black Mandala. A new artistic team starts their run with this

well-loved character and they're bringing even more of the signature

game moves and puzzles to the book. John Ney Reiber and Randy Green

guarantee to make this an exciting and sexy time in the life of Lara Croft!

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Witchblade, and No Honor.

Offered again:

Top Cow Classics: Tomb Raider #1


Tomb Raider, the Tomb Raider logo, Lara Croft and her likeness and Eidos Interactive are trademarks of Eidos P.L.C. All rights reserved.


Top Cow Comics

(W) Fiona Avery (P) Drew Johnson (I) Jay Leisten (C) Jonathan D. Smith

FC 32pp $2.95 12 issue finite series

In stores the week of April 3rd.

The Concept

Artifact hunter extraordinaire Lara Croft is on the adventure of a

lifetime, out to track down the Spanish Armada of 1550. Journeys is a

twelve-issue adventure spanning the seven seas, full of swashbuckling

adventure like you've never seen!

This Issue

"Déjà vu"

Lara Croft's about to learn that turnabout's fair play. Kagan has been

waiting for an opportunity to get even with her for meddling in the

affairs of the Sodom and Gomorrah excavation. Now, he gets his chance.

Only it turns out during their face-to-face encounter that Lara, and

then Kagan, seem to remember each other from someplace before. And with

that memory, comes the realization that sometimes even the joy of the

hunt can be more powerful than the joy of revenge. Featuring a brand new

Tomb Raider cover by the one and only Adam Hughes, don't miss out on the

latest installment of Lara's Journey!!

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Fathom, Indiana Jones, Goonies, and Buffy.

Offered again:

Tomb Raider #0


Tomb Raider, the Tomb Raider logo, Lara Croft and her likeness and Eidos Interactive are trademarks of Eidos P.L.C. All rights reserved.


Top Cow Comics

(W) Paul Jenkins (P) Clayton Crain (I) Jonathan Glapion (C) Steve Firchow

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing Monthly series

In stores the week of April 17th.

The Concept

This is it ­ the rhyme and reason behind the Top Cow Universe. Examining

the connection between The Darkness, The Witchblade, and The Angelus,

Universe takes you through Hell to connect the Top Cow Universe as never before.

This Issue

Tom Judge is confronted with the stark reality that he alone must choose

a successor to the Devil. Power over the Inferno itself awaits the

chosen one…perhaps Hell's new dictator will be the one who best knows

how to make a deal. Let the cruelest, sneakiest and most unpleasant

demon win, and we're not talking about Wall Street, folks! Enter a

twilight world of insider trading and paradigm shifts, where economic

trends are defined by the goodness of a man's soul, and the one with the

most toys wins!!

Plus, a special sneak preview of next summers blockbuster debut from Top

Cow is included in this very issue!! We'll give you two hints, Alex Ross

and Battle of the Planets!! Be there!!!

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Watchmen, JLA, Planetary, and Hellboy.


Universe™ its logo and all related characters are ®,™ & © 2002 Top Cow Productions Inc. All rights reserved.


Top Cow Comics

(W) David Wohl (P)Francis Manapul (I) D-Tron (C) Steve Firchow

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing Series

In stores the week of April 10th.

The Concept

Police officer Sara Pezzini has come into possession of the Witchblade,

a demonic gauntlet that throws her into a world of supernatural menaces

unlike any she knew existed before. Will she control the Witchblade, or

will it control her, body and soul?

This Issue

As Sara and Jake continue their investigation into the brutal slayings

in the mob world, they realize what's behind it all is WAY more

insidious than they thought - especially when their search leads them to

the nefarious and deadly assassin known as Tora No Shi! Meanwhile,

Nottingham, now separated from Sara, finds comfort in a familiar place...

Recommended for readers and fans of...

Buffy, Elektra, Tomb Raider, and The Darkness.

Offered again:

Witchblade #51

Witchblade #52

Witchblade Infinity


Witchblade™ its logo and all related characters are ®,™ & © 2002 Top Cow Productions Inc. All rights reserved.

Young Justice: Bendis Teases Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew

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