Image Comics Release Full Color "Small Gods" Special Edition

Official Press Release

This June, fans of great comics worldwide will be able to walk into their local comic shop or log on to their online comic retailer and pick up a copy of the first Small Gods Special Edition.

What's so special about this edition? Living color! For the first time in the brilliant history of Image Comics' critically acclaimed series, Small Gods, readers will be treated to full color imagery of Bobby Pope, Owen Young and the rest of the Small Gods crew as a high-stakes heist gone wrong places the two protagonists face to face for the first time.

When asked about the book's normal grayscale imagery versus the Special Edition's color work, series scribe Jason Rand had this to say, "Initially it was a decision from Image to go with B&W, but I don't think anyone could have anticipated what Juan would do when he decided to try greyscaling the book."

This issue marks the coloring debut of regular series artist Juan Ferreyra, as well.

"It was the first book Juan'd ever greyscaled," continues Rand, "just as the Special Edition is the first issue he's ever done in colour, but he blew us all away with the first issue and now - well, I may be biased, but I honestly think he's one of the best greyscalers in the business. When it comes to colours, I think he's out to show he's no slouch there, either. The man really can do everything."

In addition to full color, the Special Edition will make an excellent jumping on point for new readers as well as an interesting, stand-alone tale for existing fans of the series neatly packaged in a 32 page, full-color book for only $2.95.

Here's what others are saying about Small Gods:

"Small Gods can be considered a tour-de-force from the team of Rand and Ferreyra. Rarely do we see solid storytelling and eye-popping artwork from newcomers, but this book has that and more" – Jose Clemente, Broken Frontier.com

"Highly Recommended (10/10)" The Fourth Rail, Snap Judgements

"Juan Ferreyra... it is a shame that I cannot just say genius, and leave it at that, because nothing I write can adequately describe the greatness of his work." Raul Grau, Comixfan.com

"Small Gods is one of the best Image debuts since Powers." Alan David Doane, Comic Book Galaxy

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