Image Reveals Jonathan Hickman-Designed 25th Anniversary Variants

Image Comics has been going all out for its 25th anniversary. The company has been periodically releasing popular comics for 25¢, and its variant covers have been themed around ideas like celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month and speculating on the future. Now, the publisher has revealed two of ten planned variants for its August theme: Jonathan Hickman-designed covers.

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The covers are for Jay Faerber and Sumeyye Kesgin's Elsewhere #1 and Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's The Wicked and the Divine #30, and they certainly capture Hickman's aesthetic.

Other comics that will get the Hickman treatment include East of West #34, Youngblood #4, Genius: Cartel #1, Rat Queens #5, Generation Gone #2, The Hard Place #1, Ringside #11 and Spawn #277. According to the statement, Hickman will have full creative control in creating the variants.

Hickman is one of comics' most beloved creators. He's particularly well-known for his work with Marvel, where he wrote Fantastic Four, FF and Secret Wars, and Image, where he currently writes East of West and has worked on The Manhattan Projects and The Nightly News.

You can find Image's official press release below:


PORTLAND, OR, 07/07/2017 — Image Comics is pleased to reveal two of ten variants planned for August's 25th anniversary theme—a month of Jonathan Hickman cover designs. The bestselling co-creator of East of West and the Black Monday Murders, Hickman is also known for his high-concept cover design and will have full creative reign in interpreting a range of ongoing creator-owned series with these special variants.

Each month of Image's 25th year will boast a theme for special anniversary variants.

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