Image Comics' "Invincible" #10 sells out

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ORANGE, CA -- 27 April, 2004 -- Image Comics has announced that Diamond is completely sold out of INVINCIBLE #10, by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley.

Kirkman's visibility is on the rise with the continuing rise in popularity of Image's THE WALKING DEAD and high profile writing assignments on Captain America and X-Men Unlimited. Eisner nominations for both INVINCIBLE and THE WALKING DEAD for Best New Series have only served to fuel the buzz surrounding the creator.

The second INVINCIBLE trade paperback collection, INVINCIBLE, VOL. 2: EIGHT IS ENOUGH, shipped earlier this month, and a third collection is scheduled for an August release.

The up-and-coming writer sees the growing popularity of INVINCIBLE as a sign people are looking for newer and better superhero stories.

"It's good to see people are supporting a new superhero book. In an industry where most superhero fans stick with the big two, it's good to have a new superhero book that's actually made it to double digits," said Kirkman. "Issue 11 will be out in a matter of weeks, Ryan is currently finishing up work on issue 13, and we're just going up from there."

The story of a teenage boy learning how to cope with super powers inherited from his father has definitely struck a chord with readers. And sales on on the critically acclaimed title show no signs of slowing down anytime soon, according to Image Comics Managing Editor Eric Stephenson.

"Sales on INVINCIBLE have been going up for the last few issues and we've been seeing great reorder activity on both the monthly comic and the first trade," said Stephenson. "We've done several overships on this series in an effort to get the book into as many readers' hands as possible, and it's really starting to pay off."

Since its debut, INVINCIBLE has received widespread critical acclaim, winning praise from ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, THE COMICS BUYERS' GUIDE and a variety of comics Websites. The series is also scheduled was also touted as WIZARD's "Book of the Month" in its March 2004 issue. The strong word of mouth, supported by regular overships, has helped the book slowly find an audience in a market typically numb to new superheroes.

INVINCIBLE #15 is available for order in the May issue of Previews and will go on sale July 21. Issues #12-14 are also available for advance reorder.

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