Image Comic 'Grrl Scouts: Work Sucks #1' Sells Out

Official Press Release

[Grrlscouts TPB]ORANGE, CA -- 22 April, 2002 -- Image Comics has announced that Diamond has completely sold out of GRRL SCOUTS: WORKS SUCKS #1 by Jim Mahfood. GRRL SCOUTS: WORK SUCKS is the second miniseries to chronicle the urban misadventures of the wildly irreverent Rita, Daphne and Gwen and the first GRRL SCOUTS miniseries to be published by Image. GRRL SCOUTS: WORK SUCKS #1 arrived in stores on February 12.

With GRRL SCOUTS: WORK SUCKS #3 due out in one week, Image has also announced a new printing of the first GRRL SCOUTS trade paperback collection has been scheduled for August. Originally published by Oni Press, the new edition of GRRL SCOUTS, VOL. I will feature a new cover by Mahfood.

"This is exciting news," Mahfood said. "Whenever I put out a new project, I'm always a little unsure how people will react to my work and ideas. Fortunately, about 95% of the feedback I've received on the new series has been really positive. I couldn't be more pleased with the reaction WORK SUCKS is getting."

"We love Jim Mahfood," said Image's Director of Marketing, Eric Stephenson. "There's always a lot of talk about creating comics that can reach new and different types of readers, but Jim does more than talk -- he actually gets out there and does it. I've seen him at conventions and I've seen people react to his work -- whether it's GRRL SCOUTS, STUPID COMICS or his self-published mini-comics -- and they just totally get it. Everything he does has a truly unique sensibility about it, but it speaks to readers from a wide variety of backgrounds."

Cute, independent and full of attitude, the Grrl Scouts are Gwen, Daphne and Rita, three girls doing what they have to do to survive in big, bad Freak City. Whether they're painting graffiti, skateboarding or just hanging out, the Grrls are the most respected bad-asses of their neighborhood. Following the events of the first GRRL SCOUTS miniseries, though, they've decided to back off from their duties as three of the biggest drug dealers in town and get...real jobs.

"Out of everything I've created, the Grrl Scouts are the characters closest to my heart," Mahfood explained. "They represent my passion for hip-hop culture, graffiti art, music, movies, politics and pop culture. Through them, I can express my feelings about society and how I view certain things around me. With WORKS SUCKS, I've tried to portray a more down to earth, realistic view of these characters and the crazy world they live in."

Anyone not familiar with GRRL SCOUTS can check out the first issue of the original GRRL SCOUTS miniseries online at www.imagecomics.com. The Image Website also features a five-page preview for GRRL SCOUTS: WORK SUCKS #1.

GRRL SCOUTS: WORK SUCKS #3 will be in stores April 30.

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