Image Announces Second Printing for G.I. JOE #1

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 17 September, 2001 -- Despite over-printing G.I. Joe by a factor of one-third from final orders, Image Comics has announced that Diamond reports it will sell out by this Friday

"We have ordered the book back on the presses immediately," said Image VP-Publisher, Jim Valentino. "Our goal is to get it into the hands of every customer who wants one."

Valentino also announced that the second printing will switch covers in an effort to help retailers and fans differentiate between the two printings. "The portrait of Snake-Eyes by David Beck will be on the front cover in full trade dress, while the back cover will feature the J. Scott Campbell piece," he added.

Image has urged retailers to re-check their orders for issue #2 as there is still time for advanced re-orders. He also noted "We are currently considering an early release for issue #2. We will have more information on this shortly."

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