Image announces 'Punks: The Comic' and 'Goners'

Ahead of the release next week of its October solicitations, Image Comics has announced the debut of Goners, a historical fantasy mystery by Jacob Semahn and Jorge Corona, and the return of Punks, the surrealist comedy by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Kody Chamberlain.

Beginning in 2004 as a self-published one-shot, Punks centers on four slacker roommates -- Abraham Lincoln; Dog, a man with a dog's head; Skull, a man with a skull head; and Fist, a man with a fist for a head -- who fight alien robots, undead carrots and each other. The new series will feature all-new stories.

"Returning to both the world of Punks and Image is like a warm, slimey sock,” Fialkov said in a statement. “No. That's a terrible analogy. It's like a pungent pair of goiters. No. This isn't going well. Um ... Getting to make new Punks for a whole new audience is a dream come true. And not one of those weird dreams with too much massaging."

Goners, meanwhile, centers on the Latimer Family, which for centuries has been the first line of defense against supernatural threats. When the present-day progenitors Raleigh Latimer and his wife Evelyn, stars of their own reality show, are murdered on live television while on a seemingly routine case, opportunists and creatures of the night both pursue their young children Josiah and Zoe, "for a sound byte or simply… a chomp."

“‘Oh, God. I’ve become my father.’ This is a line we’ve all heard before. Something that creeps up in the back of one’s brain and surprises them with the familiarity of the actions taken,” Semahn said in a statement. “Goners explores the themes of commitment and family. How far should one blindly follow those that came before? Be it soldier. Radical. Socialite. We all bear the weight of lineage. Some more than others. But it’s there. Waiting to bubble up.”

Punks: The Comics #1 and Goners #1 both arrive in October.

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