Image announces 'Ministry of Space' #3 Ships in April

Official Press Release

[Ministry of Space 3]ORANGE, CA -- Image Comics has announced that following a long delay, Warren Ellis and Chris Weston's MINISTRY OF SPACE miniseries will finally conclude this April.

"MINISTRY OF SPACE #3 is completely finished," said Image Comics' Director of Marketing, Eric Stephenson. "Since signing on with Image at the end of 2001, we've received literally hundreds of emails and phone calls about this book, so believe me when I say we couldn't be more pleased to finally get this book out.

"Best of all, it's gorgeous. Chris has done a brilliant job with this issue, bringing the whole series to an absolutely magnificent close. And Laura Martin's (formerly DePuy) coloring is nothing short of perfect."

Written by Warren Ellis (Planetary, Transmetropolitan, Orbiter) with art by Chris Weston (The Filth, The Authority), MINISTRY OF SPACE #3 concludes the story of how the world might have gone into space had Britain led the way following World War II. The British are in orbit, on the Moon and on Mars as issue #3 opens, but it took a lot of blood to get them there, and the dark secrets of the Ministry of Space may see the sun finally set on their grand and glorious empire.

Originally solicited in 2001, the first two issues of MINISTRY OF SPACE were instant sell-outs, garnering rave reviews from readers and reviewers alike. The third issue was delayed, first due to Ellis' much-publicized health problems, and then due to Weston's commitment to the Grant Morrison-penned Vertigo series, The Filth. Completing the miniseries has been a priority for both Ellis and Weston, however, although they were adamant not to resolicit it until the book was complete.

Prior to the release of MINISTRY OF SPACE #3, Image is also releasing a 56-page collected edition of issues #1 and 2.

"Considering the fact MINISTRY OF SPACE #1-2 sold out so quickly, but were never reprinted, we felt it would be irresponsible not to make the earlier chapters of the story available in some format," explained Stephenson. "The main thing is to make sure everyone interested in reading this story has an opportunity to do so. Warren's crafted a truly fantastic tale, and I think with #3 finally out, there's going to be a high level of interest in it."

MINISTRY OF SPACE #3 (FEB04 1331) is available for order now in the February issue of Previews and will go on sale April 14.

The MINISTRY OF SPACE OMNIBUS, collecting issues #1-2, is available for order in the January issue of Previews and is due out in March.

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