Image And Desperado Bring New "Deadworld" Storyline, Trade Paperback

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Ann Arbor, MI – Deadworld, the long running horror series of a zombie infested world will begin to delve into the horrors of mankind as they attempt to deal with the supernatural holocaust. Beginning in Deadworld #7, the first issue of the Slaughterhouse story arc, the emphasis will shift from the zombie menace to humanity attempting to deal with their possible extinction. Deadworld: Slaughterhouse is scheduled for a December release.

Writer Gary Reed said, "I've always wanted to delve into this aspect with Deadworld and look not just at people running from zombies but to see how people will rise to meet the challenge of dealing with this scenario. Obviously, you're going to have survival groups and some para-military organizations forming but you would also have a concerted effort by some of the bright minds in this country to deal with it on a scientific method. That's what the Slaughterhouse story is about…dealing with those issues. As for why it's called Slaughterhouse, well, that will be revealed."

Reed said that Slaughterhouse was originally intended to be a stand alone mini-series that was entrenched in the Deadworld overall storyline but was to something that new readers could instantly jump into without any prior knowledge of Deadworld. "After talking it over with the publisher, it was decided to fold it into the regular storyline so we wouldn't have to launch a new series and instead just blend it with the ongoing storyline," said Reed. "After all, it does feature most of the same characters and settings so it actually is working out better this way." The Slaughterhouse story will be noted on the covers with a subtitle and the numbering of the parts of the arc. Michael Gaydos, artist for Alias and Spiderman will be providing the covers for the Slaughterhouse "series within a series".

Joe Pruett, publisher of Desperado Publishing, said that also coming in December will be the collection of the first six issues of the Image series so that readers will have access to the new series of Deadworld begun in 2005. "With number one selling out almost immediately and the other issues having very little issues remaining, we wanted to make sure that Deadworld was available to fans who want to get into one of the longest and most successful horror comics ever published."

The trade paperback, Deadworld: Requiem for the World, collects issues 1-6 and is written by Gary Reed and illustrated by Vince Locke and Dalibor Talajic. It runs 152 pages and retails for $16.99 and features an introduction by Tom Sniegoski.

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