I'm Not Buying Dark X-Men #1, But...

if I were, I'd step over my mother to get this variant. Or just pick it up if my shop didn't charge $8. One of the two. I'd be so disappointed that it wasn't a story about hippie Emma Frost that I'd blog angrily about Marvel. So I guess it's good I'm not buying it, then. Also, this cover is pretty great too.

And finally (because I don't want Cronin to think I'm auditioning for "Judge A Book By Its Cover" or anything), it appears we have two new entries in the Obama cash in genre this week. One has an interesting hook that makes it seem like it's not a total cash grab. The other sounds utterly shameless and moronic. So I want the latter. Especially because the cover looks like a capture from Glenn Beck's nightmares (and Keith Olberman's wet dreams).

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