ILM Featurette Reveals <i> Avengers'</i> Oscar-Nominated Effects Work

Fans now get a closer look at the visual effects that earned Marvel's The Avengers its one and only Oscar nomination.

The Industrial Light and Magic team released a "Behind the Magic" featurette that reveals how they designed some of the Hulk scenes and the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. The reel also shows the design for New York City and Stark Tower, and how they created those epic scenes in which Iron Man and the Chitauri fly around the city.

The coolest of all the segments is when the ILM team shows how they designed the Hulk's "I'm always angry" transformation in the epic final battle. There's also a quick examination of how they made the circular Avengers shot work that has now become so iconic. That was already explained in another ILM video.

If you have a question for the ILM team, whoever handles the company's YouTube account has been answering user comments. The ILMVisualFX account confirmed that the whole nighttime city scene was CGI and explained why they still use models.

"Back in 2006 ILM's physical production unit (the model shop and stages) was spun off and became an independent company called Kerner Optical. Although we no longer operate a model shop, we still incorporate models and miniatures in the effect work we do when we feel it will benefit the shot(s)," the account explained.

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