Illuminate Your World With A <i>Stargate</i> Prop [Auctions]

Stargate fans, we've got something cool for you to chew on today: the fine folks over at Propworx have teamed up with Spinoff Online to introduce you to some authentic Stargate props currently up for auction! This week, Stargate fans can bid for their opportunity to win a working Goa'uld Cargo Hold Wall Light as seen in the Stargate Universe episode "Subversion."

Read on for a more detailed description of the item and information on how to bid, courtesy of Propworx's David Read!


David Read: The talent that routinely gets pumped out of the Stargate production team never ceases to amaze. Today we're taking a look back on one of the earlier solutions to emerge from Stargate Set Decorator Mark Davidson's mind: The Goa'uld Cargo Hold Wall Light.

We're selling one of these bad boys this week. As you can see in the image, lights inside the device make the entire unit glow. But what exactly is the unit to begin with? You may be surprised, but Davidson and his team cannibalized a water filtration unit to create this sconce that appeared on the wall of the cargo ship from Season Three's "Deadman Switch" forward.

The device made an appearance as recently as the Stargate Universe episode "Subversion".

Pick this item up this week through the Propworx eBay auctions! Shipping costs a problem? If you're anywhere near Southern California we would be more than happy to arrange for you to directly pick up the item once your purchase is confirmed. This rule applies to all our over-sized products.

Check out the Goa'uld Cargo Hold Wall light at eBay, available now through Sunday night exclusively through Propworx!

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