I'll be back, indeed. A look at 'Terminator 3: Before The Rise'

[Terminator 3: Before The Rise]This July sees the release of the highly anticipated third installment in the Terminator franchise, "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines." This sequel sees the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a similar role to the one he played in "Terminator 2" as the protector of John Connor, the future revolutionary who leads the human revolt against the machines. A month before the release of the film Beckett Comics will release "Terminator 3: Before The Rise." "Before The Rise" is written by Ivan Brandon from a story concept by Jeff Amano features art by Amano, Goran Parlov, Salgood Sam, & Paul Mounts and serves as the official prequel to the story that takes place in film. Beckett's official solicitation copy says, "Welcome to the future... Terminator-style! Since 'Judgment Day,' the human race has lived on the brink of extinction, desperately waging a war it cannot win against SkyNet and its never-ending army of Terminators. Now, for the first time, see the people and the world only hinted at in the movies, as a band of brave survivors risks their lives in combat against an unending sea of mechanical killers! Could this be the turning point in the battle against the machines?"

Beckett Comics has provided CBR with a three page preview from the first issue. Look for "Terminator 3: Before The Rise" in comic shops early June.

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