Ilias Kyriazis and Scott Lobdell's doomed 'Patrol' pitch

Artist Ilias Kyriazis doesn't say why his and Scott Lobdell's pre-New 52 pitch for a Doom Patrol miniseries didn't go anywhere, so while calling it "doomed" is technically correct, I'm not implying that it was shot down in any sort of malevolent way. There are many reasons that pitches and projects don't get off the ground and, frankly, I'm not that interested in what most of those are. What I do love are cool, imaginative takes on familiar characters and this definitely falls into that category.

Kyriazis describes the concept this way:

The team would deal with secret "end-of-the-world" situations (because "DOOM patrol"). They'd routinely save the Earth but would receive no apperiation nor respect since no one would know about it. They'd be based in Las Vegas and would be led by Changeling (with the help of Robotman who has been reduced to toy size and is worn around his teammate's neck).

Whether readers would have accepted this team as the Doom Patrol is debatable, but as someone without a deep connection to the classic lineup, I love this idea. In addition to Changeling and miniature Robotman, Lobdell and Kyriazis' version would also include Tefe Holland (Swamp Thing's daughter), Platinum from the Metal Men, Bizarro (now with a secret identity he'd struggle to maintain), Zatarra and Madame .44 (a DC Western hero who would travel to the future to join the team).

The creators had also figured out a way for Changeling, Platinum and Tefe Holland (code-named Sprout) to morph into a single, triply dangerous fighting machine. See that, character designs, and a couple of cover concepts below and at Kyriazis' website.

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