Ike Perlmutter's Role As Trump Advisor Won't Affect Status As Marvel CEO


Earlier this month, it was reported that Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter, the CEO of Marvel, would be given a role in President-Elect Donald Trump’s administration. Now, we may have some clarification on what he’ll be doing, and how it affects his role as Marvel’s CEO.

A veteran of the Israeli Army himself, Perlmutter has long been an advocate for military veterans and their benefits, as he and his wife have donated countless millions to various charities while Marvel has partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project to help aid veterans. According to Fortune, Ike will serve as a “key aide” in the Trump administration as an advisor on Veterans’ Affairs, with a source claiming that while his job will be informal, it will be “significant."

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In the months leading up to the decision, Perlmutter had been meeting with Trump. He was famously photographed at one of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resorts in Palm Beach Florida last month.

Despite the new role in the President Elect’s administration, the report says Perlmutter’s role as Marvel CEO will not be affected, and he will not be stepping aside. Perlmutter has been hands-on with the company for over thirty years, first as the driving force for getting the comic book company out of bankruptcy in the late-1990s. Taking on the position of CEO in 2005, he helmed the company' sale to Disney in 2009 and has maintained an active role in the development of Marvel Studios from the start.

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