Igle provides candid post-SDCC report

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In the aftermath of SDCC, a majority of post-con reports from fans and creators have been positive excitement about upcoming projects. Yet, Jamal Igle provided the post-con report I most appreciated reading for its candor and personal insight.

Igle conceded that he had a panic attack at the con.

“I questioned everything; why I was there, what was I doing at a convention this size, why do I still work in comics, what am I trying to prove. I couldn't think straight.

After a while I started to regained my senses but it still shook me to the bone.”

He cross-posted his account of events on his Facebook wall, where myriad peers shared their tales of cons triggering their anxiety issues.

As much as I love the hype of con reports and tales of old and new friends connecting with each other, this frankness clearly resonated with many people and started some helpful discussion.

Fortunately Igle was still able to participate in his myriad panels, promote Action Lab’s line and (equally important for him) make more folks aware of Molly Danger (You have not heard of that project? Rectify that immediately).

Here’s hoping his next SDCC or upcoming con is less stressful for him, but many folks are clearly grateful for him giving voice to what he experienced.

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