If You Pulled the Names of 50 Cool Comic Characters Out of a Hat...

You'd likely do just as good of a job as Empire Magazine's Top 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters. As a British magazine, I'll cut them a little slack on their too high rankings for some British characters, but there just does not seem to be any real rhyme or reason to their selections.

Now, you might say, "Aha, Brian! But the rhyme and reason is that they intentionally select a strange list outside of the two semi-no-brainers at the top of the list, with the intention of making their readers compelled to write in and tell them off, but still follow their site and get more hits!" And you'd probably be right, but man, Empire, just have a reader survey then. You'd get the same effect and you wouldn't have to act like you actually believe stuff like The Mekon at #39 and Dan Dare not even on the list, one of TinTin's sidekicks at #49 and TinTin not on the list, Doctor Doom at #25 and Deena Pilgrim at #24, Venom at #33 and Doctor Strange at #34, Hellboy at #35 and Daredevil at #37 among many, many bizarre choices.


I like the set-up for the reveal, though! That was nice. I will see if CBR can steal that in the future.

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