If I Pass This Way Again - Green Lantern Created the MOON?!

Every installment of this feature is about odd comic book plot points that were rarely (sometimes NEVER!) mentioned again after they were first introduced.

Today, based upon a suggestion by reader Milton C., we take a look at the time that Green Lantern...created the Earth's moon?!?

Denny O'Neil is famous for his run on Green Lantern with artist Neal Adams. However, O'Neil was on the book before then. His first issue was 1968's Green Lantern #63, which, amusingly enough, featured a cover by Neal Adams! The story, drawn by Jack Sparling and Sid Greene, quickly made it known to readers of the time that Denny O'Neil's stories were going to be a little bit different from everyone else.

The issue opens with Hal celebrating his nephew's birthday, when suddenly Hal is transported to a mysterious planet. He tries to go to Oa to find out what's up, but Oa is MISSING! Someone has destroyed all the other Green Lanterns!

Then, strangely enough, he is visited by a mysterious little girl, singing a song to him...

He heads to Earth, where he finds ANOTHER mystery, this time a young woman being attacked by some weird creatures.

Ultimately, she takes him to her father, who first tries to sell Hal a load of garbage about those creatures destroying Earth. Instead, as it turns out, Hal has been taken to the past, before the Green Lantern Corps, before life began on Earth, before everything! And this nutjob wants Hal to help him make sure humanity never exists!!!

Using hypnosis, he almost convinces Hal to help him, but the little girl shows up again to remind Hal that humanity can do some pretty swell stuff, as well, like love and experience joy. So Hal breaks free and fights the bad guy. He has to stop his various attempts to destroy Earth. First through a devastating gas and then through a bomb...

Go to the next page to see what the bad guy tries next to destroy the Earth...

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