If I Pass This Way Again Archive

This is an archive of every installment of this feature where we examine odd plot points that were rarely (sometimes never!) addressed again after they were first introduced.

Click on any story for a write-up of that rarely referenced plot point...

1. We first learned Wolverine's real name from a LEPRECHAUN?!

2. Johnny Storm Had Sex With a Double of His Sister?!3. Black Widow Had the Hots for Captain America?

4. Jean Grey and FORGE?!

5. Spidey Gets Paid HOW Much For Photographs?

6. Iron Man’s Real Reason for Supporting His Side in Civil War

7. The Secret Villain Behind Civil War

8. Jane Foster Was Once Deemed UNworthy of Being a Goddess?!

9. Did Magneto Seriously Intentionally Let His Daughter Die?

10. That Time Emma Frost Just Flat Out Murdered People

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