If He's Not Spider-Man, What Superhero <i>Is</i> Donald Glover?

There's one thing that all of the names on the short-list to play the new Spider-Man have in common: They're not Donald Glover. But even if the Community star and former 30Rock writer isn't the next Peter Parker, that doesn't mean that he can't put on tights and fight crime elsewhere. What other superhero do you think Glover should play?

No poll this week, because it's all about your suggestions for a change; I don't want to limit you to my handful of choices. That said, I'd definitely be interested in seeing Glover as a cinematic Wally West, if the Flash franchise went in the direction of focusing on the sidekick-made-good potential of the character, or as Firestorm, if the movies ever get around to introducing him (Anyone who's seen Community knows that he can do comedic jock well enough to make Ronnie Raymond seem likable, for once). But what Marvel characters do you think he could take on? Or Dark Horse, Image or anyone else who's due a movie? Leave your suggestion in the comments.

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