If DC's looking for an Amethyst artist, Renae De Liz is ready and able

With Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld apparently making her way to the television screen via Cartoon Network's upcoming DC Nation cartoon block, it seems like the perfect time for a revival of the comic book. And if DC Comics needs a creator for it, they need look no further than Renae De Liz.

De Liz, artist of IDW's Servants of the Bones and one of the folks behind the Womanthology project, has been sharing Amethyst artwork for awhile now on her blog. Robot 6 contributor Chris Arrant posted some of it on Project: Rooftop, which led to a discussion in CBR's forums about it.

And it sounds like De Liz not only has the artistic talents to bring everyone's favorite Gem-themed princess back to comics, but she also has a story. "Yes! PLEASE let me revamp Amethyst! :D I have a great story in mind!" she tweeted earlier today. You can see some of her sequential pages over on her blog.

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